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Woman Refuses to Take Care of Her Grandparents

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 04, 2020
11:00 A.M.
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A 17-year-old Asian girl took to Reddit to narrate how she declined her parents' request for her to be responsible for her grandparents’ upkeep in the future. 


A 17-year-old Reddit user sparked debate on the social media platform after narrating her story involving her parents and grandparents. 

According to the girl, her grandparents do not like her and have never hidden that from her since childhood. Instead, they love her male cousins more and shower them with love and gifts. 

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All the times the girl visited her grandparents, she ended up being ignored, and even when she tried to hug them, they always walked away from her. 

This action from her grandparents hurt the girl so much, considering that she was their only female grandchild. She observed that her grandparents loved her male cousins more only because they were boys, and she was a girl. 

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When it came to gifts, her grandparents would buy her cousins souvenirs from other countries but would buy her nothing. When she asked them why they told her that they did not find any girl souvenirs. 

Her cousins also received about $200 worth of allowances monthly while she only received $50 because she was a girl. The girl took all of these in her stride and learned to live with it. 

One user expressed shock that such gender discriminatory traditions still existed in Asian families.

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However, last week, her parents spoke to her, telling her that she would have to take care of her grandparents in the future. The girl refused, saying that her grandparents disliked her. 

Her mother rebuffed her claims, telling her that the boys in her family would go on to have new families and that their wives would not allow them to take care of their grandparents. 

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Hence, the girl was the only hope that was left when it came to those who could take care of her grandparents in the future. This comment by her parents left the girl feeling angry. 

She refused her parents’ request, telling them that she did not want her grandparents in her life and that it was evident that they were only using her. 

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Her parents got angry at her for refusing to help her grandparents and called her names for doing so, prompting her to ask other Reddit users for their opinions on the matter. 

Most of the Reddit users who commented on the girl’s story believed that her parents were wrong to ask her to take care of her grandparents in the future. 

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One user expressed shock that such gender discriminatory traditions still existed in Asian families and suggested that the girl should cut her family off. 

Another user opined that it was also an Asian tradition for kids to take care of their parents, and hence the girl’s parents should take care of their parents and leave her to live her life.

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