Man Leaves the Country to Avoid Paying Child Support

Rebelander Basilan
Aug 09, 2020
04:00 P.M.

A man sparked a passionate discussion on Reddit after sharing that he left the country to avoid paying child support.


Writing on the popular online forum, the man shared he had made it clear to his girlfriend that he is not ready to be a father or to get married soon.

His girlfriend agreed at the time. She even told him that she is ready to undergo an abortion in case she got pregnant.

Man and woman holding hands. | Photo: Pexels

Man and woman holding hands. | Photo: Pexels


"Fast forward a couple of years and she gets pregnant," the man wrote. "We used all methods of contraceptives - pills, condoms etc. But it happens anyway. She's excited. I'm not."

He immediately reminded his girlfriend about the conversation they had before. But she said that she had changed her mind and that she would continue with the pregnancy.

"But I hadn't," the man shared. "I told her that I was not going to be a father or be involved in the kid's life in any way shape or form. It'll all be on her."

Woman and man sitting on a bench. | Photo: Pexels

Woman and man sitting on a bench. | Photo: Pexels


His words led to their break up. His girlfriend then told him that she is going to sue him for child support. However, the man stood by his decision. He angrily left his girlfriend. A couple of months later, he left the country.

His girlfriend got even angrier. She also tried to fight his parents. But she could do nothing because he was already gone.

According to the man, some of his friends do not like what he did.

Woman and man fighting in a park. | Photo: Pexels

Woman and man fighting in a park. | Photo: Pexels


It has been a decade later, and he has not paid a dime in child support, and neither does he plan to. According to the man, some of his friends do not like what he did. But he only told them that the child was born without his consent.

Many Reddit users noticed his post and left their own opinion in the comment section. One person said he took all the right steps.

Woman and man fighting in a park. | Photo: Pexels

Woman and man fighting in a park. | Photo: Pexels


The user pointed out that he was clear about not wanting a child before his girlfriend got pregnant. Another user added that women are accountable for their own choices and that his girlfriend chose to have a child, so he is not at fault.

Someone else commented that it is the woman's fault because she changed her mind, so she should find a way of raising the child herself.

Person using a laptop. | Photo:

Person using a laptop. | Photo:

In another controversial post on Reddit, a woman shared her problem with her boyfriend, who begins demanding to know how much savings she has. However, she told him that it is none of his business.

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