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Three Funny Jokes about Trains, Planes and Cars

Rebelander Basilan
Aug 12, 2020
01:00 P.M.
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Reading hilarious stories is one sure way to brighten up one's day. Here are three jokes about trains, planes, and cars that are sure to make you laugh.



One night, a man and his wife of three years checked into a hotel. The husband told his wife that he wanted to have a drink at the bar. However, his wife did not want to because she was exhausted.

The man shrugged and said it was okay for him to be alone at the bar. So his wife decided to just rest in the bedroom.

Woman lying on the bed. | Photo: Pexels


While lying on the bed, the woman suddenly felt a train pass near the window. She was scared when the room shook, and then she was thrown out of the bed.

The woman thought that this must be a freak incident happening, so she lay down on the bed once more. However, the train shook the room again, and she was pitched to the floor.

She was very exasperated. She later decided to call the front desk and asked for the manager. The manager said he would come to her right up.

A train on rail and showing smoke. | Photo: Pexels


The manager was suspicious, but the woman insisted that she was not lying. "Lie here on the bed and you will be thrown right to the floor!" she told him.

The manager sighed, and even though he had a hard time believing the woman's story, he still obeyed her. He lay down next to her.

Just then, the husband walked in. He was shocked when he saw his wife and the manager in bed. "What are you doing here?" he asked. To which the manager calmly replied, "Would you believe I'm waiting for a train?"

Man wearing a blue suit. | Photo: Pexels



A plane was flying from Los Angeles to New York. An hour later, the pilot made an announcement, saying they had lost an engine. However, he said passengers had nothing to worry about because there were three left.

The only problem, he added, was that instead of five hours, it would take seven hours to get to New York. A little later, the pilot announced that the second engine failed, but that they still had two left. However, according to him, it would take ten hours to get to the destination.

Two pilots flying an airplane. | Photo: Pexels


Later, the pilot again announced that the third engine had died. He assured everyone that the airplane could fly on a single engine. However, he said that it would take 18 hours to get to New York.

At this point, one passenger told him that he hoped they do not lose the last engine, or they would be up there forever.

People sitting inside an airplane. | Photo: Pexels



A police officer noticed a car puttering along at 22km/h. He thought to himself that the driver was just as dangerous as a speeder.

So the officer turned on his lights and pulled the driver over. As he moved toward the vehicle, he noticed that there were four old women inside.

The driver was disoriented. She told the officer that she was driving within the speed limit. The officer replied that although she was not speeding, driving much slower than the speed limit can likewise be a risk to other drivers.

A police officer looking at the cars. | Photo: Pexels

The driver understood what the officer said. The police then asked, "But before I let you go, ma'am, I have to ask, is everyone in this car okay?" "Oh, they will be all right in a minute officer," the driver replied. "We just got off highway 140."

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