August 16, 2020

Woman Decides Not to Shave Her Body Unless Her Husband Does

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A woman has decided to stop shaving her body unless her husband does the same, and her story is causing quite a ruckus.

A woman's controversial story has made rounds on Reddit after she revealed that she isn't going to shave her body anymore. The poster who is 22-year-old described herself as the "hairiest woman" she knows.

According to her, she has spent most of her life constantly shaving and trying to keep up with society's standard of what women should look like. As a result, she feels exhausted, and her self-esteem has taken a huge blow. To make things worse, her hair is thick and dark, so it requires a lot of work.


A photo of woman shaving her leg in bathroom. | Photo: Shutterstock.

She is married to a 22-year-old man who "doesn't care too much" about her body hair; however, at the beginning of their relationship, they had a lot of arguments about it. 


She explained that her husband always argued that he had been conditioned to see and desire hairless women by society, so she would need to give him some time to break free from that mindset.

An unhappy woman looking at pink razor in her hand. | Photo: Shutterstock.


She recalls him saying that he sees body hair on both men and women to be "unhygienic" even though he doesn't shave. 

Due to the unrealistic demands of having to remain hairless, she feels her confidence and ego taking a plunge as she has had to start shaving since grade 7 to deal with bullies and standards. 

A photo of a woman screaming because she does not like shaving. | Photo: Shutterstock.


She also considers shaving a huge waste of money and time, but can't help but feel unattractive whenever she decides to let her hair grow out. Like that is not enough trouble, she has a sensitive skin that ends up being chaffed and bruised whenever she shaves. 

With all these pressures, the original poster seems to have had enough and wants to quit shaving. However, she only wants to do it on the condition that she will only shave if her husband agrees to do the same.


She believes this agreement will make him understand the effort she puts in looking good for him and wants to know if that is the right thing to do. Many users advised her to follow through and teach her husband a lesson.

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The poster explained that the friend had gotten upset because the mother was nursing her newborn in the presence of another man, who didn't seem offended. What do you think of this story? What advice do you have for the woman?