August 12, 2020

Woman Publicly Shamed Her Boyfriend for His Weight

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A woman who publicly shames her boyfriend to get him to lose weight wants to know if it makes her a bad person, especially since the harsh treatment seems to be working. 

According to the aggrieved woman, she started dating her boyfriend two years back while he was slim and fit. Since then, his weight has reportedly tripled, and he now weighs 240lb at 5'10. 

On the grounds of his exponential weight gain, she says she no longer feels sexually attracted to him but is having a hard time leaving him because they care a lot about each other and get along well as a couple. 

A weighing scale with an apple and a tape rule on it. | Photo:Flickr


She says they stopped having sexual intercourse more than three months ago, and he has stopped attempting to. Since the onset of quarantine, the man in question gained 1.5lbs, and the woman says she will have sex with him if he could lose at least 2lbs; however, he doesn't seem to care a lot about that. 

The woman who identifies as a fitness enthusiast is clear on who she wants as a partner, and she decided her overweight boyfriend is not it. 


As a result, she started plotting ways to get him to lose weight. She began with his diet, taking it upon herself to make him healthy meals; however, after such meals, he would only eat more afterward.  

Coupled with his bad eating habits, his affinity for beer only worsens the whole equation. Knowing he feels insecure about his body, she decided to use it to get him to lose weight. 

An old man drinking alcohol. | Source: Pixabay


One day she decided to bring up his weight when they were out for dinner in the company of friends. He went to order a high-calorie meal, but she immediately cautioned him, reminding him of his diet and listing off the number of things he'd had earlier that day. 

Of course, she made it all seem like an elaborate joke to keep the atmosphere light, but she knew all along he would be hurt by it–it worked, and he ordered a low-calorie meal. 


When they were alone, he opened up about how humiliated and disgusted what she did made him feel. She corrected him immediately, telling him it was his weight and eating habits that she found disgusting and not him. 

She kept up with her tactics and continued commenting on his weight in public, and he got so ashamed, he started hiding his body from her. 


He finally decided to do something about it and started water fasting to lose weight. He shed weight, and she's satisfied her pestering, and public shaming yielded positive results.  

While she knows she hurt him, she's prepared to make up for it by showering him with compliments after he loses weight so he can regain his self-esteem. She's not happy about what she had to do, but according to her, she had good intentions. 

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