August 16, 2020

Man Leaves Daughter Out of His Will

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A man decided to leave his real daughter out of his will because of one reason: he barely knows her.

Writing to Reddit, the 70-year-old man explained that he had been estranged from his biological daughter since she was two years old.

"Her mother and I married after only 3 months of dating, and when we divorced, she bled me for everything I have," he wrote. "She made it very hard for me to see my daughter, and after awhile I stopped trying."

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It had an adverse effect on his life, so he said he did not want to remember it anymore. Meanwhile, two years after his traumatic experience with his first wife, he met a woman who gave him life again.

The woman's five-year-old daughter did not stop him from loving her. Soon, he became the child's doting stepfather when he and her mother tied the knot.

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"She has always called me Dad and sees me as more of a father than my biological daughter does," the man shared. "Now, both my ex and my wife are dead, and I am the only parent in both my daughters' lives."

He and his daughter reunited not long after the death of her mother. According to him, he has been trying to make their relationship work.

For him, his stepdaughter is his real daughter.

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Just recently, while he was talking to his daughter, the subject of his will come up. His stepdaughter is the sole beneficiary of his will and has been since her mother died.

After a bit of pressing, he told his daughter as much. She freaked out and told him that since she is his only real daughter, she should get the most money.

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The man said that he refused, pointing out that he barely knows her and that he would rather have the money go to his stepdaughter.

For him, his stepdaughter is his real daughter. Now both his friends and family were annoyed with him. They insisted that he is all his daughter has.

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But despite the hurtful words he received from them, the man stood by his decision. He would rather have his money go to his stepdaughter.

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