August 17, 2020

Check Out These Adorable Pics of '227' Star Marla Gibbs Wearing Matching Shirts With Daughter Angela

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Iconic actress Marla Gibbs who starred in "227" posed with her young actress daughter Angela Gibbs. The women donned matching T-shirts in new photos.

Fans of the TV shows, "The Jeffersons" and "227" are familiar with the talented actress, Marla Gibbs. Her apt interpretation of roles earned her several Emmy nominations.

Her daughter, Angela Gibbs has luckily been an inheritor of her mom's acting prowess. She is also an on-screen star who has excelled in numerous tv projects.

Recently, the younger Gibbs reposted an update from "racismneversleeps" on Instagram. It featured mother and daughter twinning in similar outfits.


Marla Gibbs at the Lupus LA 10th Anniversary Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon on Nov. 1, 2012. | Photo: Getty Images

The women donned black short sleeved shirts that had some words inscribed on it. The writings urged their fans to vote. The caption that followed the post read:


"VOTE!!!!!! We really appreciate it. Wear your t-shirts proudly, Queens! Now more than ever, it's important to get out there and Vote!"


The response they got online showed that their fans got the message. Though the image was posted on Angela's Instagram page, the comments addressed both mother and daughter. A person wrote that they are "AMAZING WOMEN."

The Gibbs girls' are indeed very amazing and incredibly talented women. Marla began her acting career in the 70s, and irrespective of her age, she is still in the game.

After playing "Florence Johnston" on the series, she confessed that she received a lot of admiration from viewers.


The "227" star became a household name more than three decades ago. She began by starring in shows. One of her recent features is titled "Scandal." During an interview, the iconic entertainer was asked her preference. She said:

"I like doing both. I like doing more serious work like "Scandal" because that was how I started...and it turned out that's exactly where I was supposed to be."


While many fans of the "The Jeffersons" star do not dispute her credibility as an actress, they may not know that she had a profession before venturing into the entertainment industry.

Reportedly, Marla worked for United Airlines for more than a decade. Even after her breakout role on "The Jeffersons," she still shuffled between acting and working with the airline.

After playing "Florence Johnston" on the series, she confessed that she received a lot of admiration from viewers. According to the actress, she said the role brought her a lot of love that was missing in her life.

Angela is also a credible actress that has starred in several films. She has also produced a film that earned an Academy Award nomination.