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Parker McKenna Posey Overcame an Abusive Relationship and Is Now Happy — inside Her Life

Manuela Cardiga
Sep 14, 2020
10:30 A.M.

Actress Parker McKenna Posey lived through the horror of an abusive relationship, and she's determined to share her story and help other women overcome toxic relationships.


Fans will best remember Parker McKenna Posey as the precocious Kady in the ABC sitcom "My Wife and Kids," but 15 years later the child star has become a woman, who's had to deal with some painful issues in her personal life.

In October 2018, her then-boyfriend, YouTube star Chris Sails was arrested for assaulting Posey, but the actual incident happened in September of the same year. Police had been called to the couple's Houston Texas apartment, but Posey told officers she had been attacked by an unknown woman. Only two weeks later did she tell the real story.

Posey sadly reflected that of all the men she'd dated, she'd picked the worse man possible to put her trust in.

Parker McKenna Posey at the VMA after party in 2017 in Los Angeles | Source: Getty Images

Parker McKenna Posey at the VMA after party in 2017 in Los Angeles | Source: Getty Images



Like so many victims of domestic abuse, Posey tried to protect her aggressor. The 23-year-old would later admit that the incident that culminated in Sail's arrest was not the first time or even the second time he'd beaten her and left her in fear for her life.

The trigger for that particular attack, Posey would reveal, was a DM from a man which Sails read on her phone. Sails denied it all, and said he had only resorted to violence in order to defend himself from Posey, whom he claimed was "out of control."


When Sails met Posey, he was recently divorced from singer Queen Naija with whom he shares a son, Christopher. After a whirlwind romance, Posey moved in with Sails. She admitted that she put her life on hold to please him, despite warnings from friends and family who were less taken with the YouTube star.



After Posey filed her complaint against Sails, he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, The judge issued a restraining order ordering Sails to stay away from the actress. Even more damaging for the YouTube star, the judge prohibited Sails from using YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform.


While the case involving Posey has yet to be resolved, Sails was arrested again for aggravated assault in April 2020 in Houston. Although details of the case have not been made public, the story hit the headlines when his ex-wife, Queen Naija, desperately asked fans on Instagram for help in locating Chris Jr. who was with his father at the time of his arrest.



It has been nearly two years since the assault, and Posey has slowly been putting her life back together, rebuilding her self-esteem and confidence. Posey revealed that Sail had undermined her belief in herself, to the point she had become a mere shadow of the bubbly confident young woman she had once been.


Today, Posey is glowing. She is busy working on her acting career again, working out, going to auditions, and giving interviews. She has put on weight and hardly recognizes herself as the skin-and-bones frightened girl from the photos from her days as Sails' girlfriend. With her family and her friends' support, Posey made it back, but she admits that the first step was the hardest.


Today, Posey is in a new relationship with a young man she's known all her life -- an old school friend she used to have a crush on. She is once again the bubbly outgoing Posey we watched grow into a lovely woman, but now she is wiser. Posey sadly reflected that of all the men she'd dated, she'd picked the worse man possible to put her trust in.

The curvy Instagram star recently posted a snap of herself on social media accompanied by a caption that is a direct challenge to every woman who might be in a toxic relationship. Posey wrote:

"Forget what you feel, remember what you deserve."

After all that she's been through, Posey deserves happiness, and from now on she will be demanding her just deserts, no matter what.

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