August 21, 2020

Woman Wants to Send Her Parents to Jail Because of Financial Machinations

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Torn, a woman asked for advice because doing the right thing might lead to her parents landing in prison. If she doesn't do anything, the woman can find herself facing more than she can handle.

A user named Hela Hellheim took to social media for a broader perspective on her current situation. As a 29-year-old, Hela gave a bit of background on her parents, whose financial troubles started during her childhood.

Even though her parents earn generously, Hela said that their money never their expenses. As a child, they even had her phone her grandmother to ask for money. However, when Hela left her childhood home after school, she said her parents started using her name to sign for bills.


An illustration depicting the calculation of expenses. | Source: Pixabay.

At the time, she did try to get them to stop, but then Hela said she gave up trying. Now, a decade later, the situation caught up with the wrong person. Hela found out that her parents continued to sign for bills using her name when her income tax return money got confiscated.


A company that didn't receive their money had taken legal action against Hela after a process that already took a year. Unaware of any of this, her parents gave their address but her details, so they had all the documentation.

Income tax return calculations. | Source: Pixabay.


The court ordered money to be subtracted from Hela's salary, and now she worries that there might be other bills waiting to crash down on her as well, and added:

"My friends and boyfriend say that I should talk with the police and stop all of this because otherwise they will keep doing it and I am afraid they will."

However, the move might immunize her from future claims over bills she's never seen, but it can also lead to the imprisonment of her parents. Torn, she asked netizens their opinion.

Various bank cards allowing users to buy goods on credit. | Source: Pixabay.


While some advised that she looks into changing her social security number, others urged her to take legal action against identity fraud.

While Hela might stop them from using her identity again, they are likely to find another to defraud. Another gave advice on what Hela could do until she decided upon a course of action, and wrote:

"In the meantime, freeze your credit. Also, your parents failed you. You deserved, and still deserve better."

Identity via fingerprint is required to avoid fraudulent entry. | Source: Pixabay.

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