Woman Leaves Her Brother and His Family Homeless

A woman newly shared her story on the Reddit platform to seek opinion. She wants to know if her decision to leave her only brother and his family homeless is overboard.

Like many other users on the social media platform Reddit, a young woman recently stated the details of her situation, before proceeding to ask for help.

The poster, 28, explained that her 33-year-old brother, who is currently married, with a toddler son, has always had an entitlement feeling. This is due to the way he was raised, thanks to their parents and grandparents.

Woman wearing gray sweater, deep in thought. | Photo: Pexels

Woman wearing gray sweater, deep in thought. | Photo: Pexels

The woman who also has a sister, 31, mentioned that during their childhood days, the parents gave their brother preferential treatment compared to them.

Since he was the only son, everything was sorted, he did not even have to help out with house chores. She said:

"...as my dad had always wanted a son...he had his college fee paid for in full whilst me and my sister had to take loans."

The "golden boy" also earned the best treatment from his grandparents, since he is the first grandchild. Still, this had no negative influence on the girls. According to the poster, the negative impacts of this favoritism was on her brother.

He never really tried to impress his parents with his grades, he even dropped out of school. As far as his employment status is concerned, he maintains only jobs with meager salaries.

The issue is that the 33-year-old, his wife, and their son still reside with her parents. Everything seemed fine until recently when the parents talked about retiring next year.

This will cause them to downsize their home, leaving their son with no choice but to find his own home. While he has been living with his parents, his siblings, 28, and 31 have rented places of their own.

So the next option for the family was to decide whom to live with. Considering that the poster resides in a spacious apartment with her fiance, she was the next available option.

A beautiful house. | Source: Pexels

A beautiful house. | Source: Pexels

The woman, however, explained that she could not put up with her brother, stay-at-home sister-in-law, and their undisciplined child.

Her parents then asked her to stand as a guarantor for her brother, to enable him to rent an apartment. However, she maintains that:

"I don't have faith in my brother to pay the rent. He's horrible with money and has never had to worry about bills or rent before..."

Both the poster and her sister are in agreement, but her mind is focused on making her parents happy and helping them out since they are old and would soon retire.

A lot of responses applauded the 28-year-old for considering her parents, but their comments established that the "golden boy" should sort his family out himself instead of relying on his parents or siblings.

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