Check Out Omar Gooding's Matching LA Lakers Jerseys with His Adorable Son Miles

Tichafa Chidzonga
Aug 30, 2020
05:30 A.M.
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Omar Gooding from 'Hangin' with Mr. Cooper' enjoys fatherhood as he poses for an adorable photo with his youngest son while wearing matching Lakers Jerseys. 


"Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" star Omar Gooding didn't have the best childhood in his early life. In an interview with Jet Magazine, the actor revealed that after his parents divorced, his family ended up homeless.

Omar explained that he was seven-years-old when his mother, siblings, and family dog were forced to live in their car and would sometimes live in a motel.


Omar is the brother of the Oscar-winning actor, Cuba Gooding Jr. Omar explained that both their successes as actors from a young age helped pull their family out of poverty.

Now he has a family of his own. At 40-years-old, Omar welcomed his first son, Bradly with his wife, Mia Vogel. The couple welcomed a second son, Miles, in November 2019.


Fatherhood seems to be the perfect match for Omar. While he might not be sharing his love of the film industry like his actor father, Cuba Gooding Sr. did with his famous sons, Omar has another passion he shares with his boys.

The "Family Time" star shares his passion for basketball with his young sons. He already has them wearing Lakers jerseys in support of his favorite team. Recently, he posed for a selfie with Miles and showed off their matching ensembles.


In his post, Omar mentioned watching the Lakers game. He posed with a stoic facial expression and said that it was a reflection of the first quarter. 

One fan responded and commented, "not sure what quarter, but he definitely has your face! He's a cutie!" Another fan joked that he couldn't wait to see their facial expressions after the game.

A fan commented on a photo of Omar Gooding and his son Miles Gooding wearing matching Lakers jerseys | Source:


Among his many talents, Omar is also a rapper. In 2019, he shared with The Hype magazine how his son and late father inspired his song called "Better Me." Omar


"I realize it's not only for my son, but it's a dedication to my father because I realized most of the things that I was saying, was things he used to say to me."

Omar's life also helped his character on "Family Time." During an interview with Madame Noire, he revealed that he and his co-star, Angell Conwell dated for three or four years.

Omar admitted that their previous relationship helped make their onscreen chemistry as a married couple come across more naturally.