Check Out Patricia Heaton's Funny Story about the Time She Forget Her Son's 21st Birthday

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 26, 2020
08:30 P.M.
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In a chat with Kelly Clarkson, Patricia Heaton shared the funny story of forgetting her son's 21st birthday and how she remedied the situation.


It takes a lot to be a parent, and while one tries to make the most of every situation, there are certain days one can be found wanting. One of those awkward days is forgetting one's child's birthday.

Patricia Heaton is known as the poster woman for "American Moms" While she does an excellent job of parenting on-screen and off-screen, there are days she lags.

Patricia Heatonas Deborah Barone on "Everybody Loves Raymond" circa 1998. | Photo: Getty Images


In a chat with Clarkson on the "Kelly Clarkson Show," Heaton revealed how she forgot her youngest son's 21st birthday and what she did to remedy the situation.

Clarkson asked Heaton how she had been doing during the lockdown and if her family got to have any celebration. Heaton replied saying, that she had taken to drinking for some time now.


She explained that the reason for drinking was to preserve her brain as she was confident that her grandchildren were going to come later in life when she is in her mid-seventies.

Heaton also intimated that although she had not taken a drink in two years, she was hitting the bottle once in a while to keep her fit and mentally sharp for when she has grandchildren.

Heaton admitted to sending all her friends a message telling them to call her son to wish him a happy birthday.


While the need for taking the occasional glass of wine is evident, Heaton intimated that it had not been beneficial to her as it caused her to forget her youngest son's 21st birthday. Explaining the situation, she said:

"The other night, I got a text from my younger son, and he says, 'Well, happy birthday to me, I guess,' and I realized it was his 21st birthday."

Having realized that she forgot his birthday, Heaton revealed that she called her husband and told him while also employing the help of her celebrity friends, such as Ray Romano and Ashley Tisdale, among others.


Heaton admitted to sending all her friends a message telling them to call her son to wish him a happy birthday. Although she forgot, she was able to remedy the situation, and her son ended up having a good day.

Being a mother to four boys, Heaton has been able to juggle her acting career and take care of her family. Now that her boys are grown, she intends to work on other aspects that interest her, such as baking and writing books.


She recently released a second book titled "Your Second Act: Inspiring Stories of Transformation." The book is a collection of essays from people who have had to rethink their life because of certain circumstances they find themselves.

While the book may be a collection of essays from people, it also reflects a portion of Heaton's life and also details the changes she has had to make to fit her life appropriately.


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