Woman Refuses to Let Her Dying Cousin Experience Motherhood

Aug 30, 2020
05:00 P.M.
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One woman caused a bit of stir when she posted a piece about refusing to allow her dying cousin to experience motherhood. After all the facts were laid out, however, most people agreed with her.


A mother recently took to Reddit with the tough decision she had to make. Her cousin, who is only 22, is dying of cancer. It is important to note that the woman in question is only a cousin through marriage.

A woman taking a pill | Photo: Pexels


As one can imagine, being terminally ill at such a young age robs you of all the wondrous experiences that life has to offer, including the joy of being a mother.

The dying young girl wanted to experience what it would feel like to take care of a child and be a parent. This is easier said than done. A child is a precious gift, and not something you just come across and get to schedule how much time you spend playing "Mom."

A lovely baby | Photo: Pexels


The woman has a 10-month-old baby and she was approached by the cousin's parents who asked if they could borrow the baby for a few weeks. Needless to say, this made her very uneasy. She found the whole thing disturbing.

"It's really creepy. I cannot understate how creepy I think this is. I know that her not getting to live her dreams is sad, but I don't think this is the answer."

A mother holding her baby | Photo: Pexels


The woman was understandably concerned for her baby and the possible impact that this might have on the child now and later in life. The other concerning factor was that the baby was still nursing and the family who wants to "borrow" the child doesn't seem to be fazed by this.

As most parents would react, the woman and her husband refused the request. You would think that would be the end of the matter, but the family continued hounding the mom, using the excuse that time is running out for the cousin who has cancer. The family even said they would compromise and let her come by a few times a day to bring milk for the baby.

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Things became even more complicated when the parents offered actual money for the couple to grant their request. This was the final straw and the couple filed a police report immediately.

This article sparked several comments and outrage among Reddit users, with the majority supporting the couple's decision not to lend out their baby. One Reddit user asked: "Do they realize the baby is not a prop? That's a human being right there!"

Screenshot of a Reddit user's reaction | Photo: Reddit


The comments all followed a similar vein of thinking and supported the couple's decision. There are many questions that we ask ourselves when it comes to crossing some lines, and when it is justified.

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