Man Refuses to Adopt His Sister's Kid

Olowokandi Fiyin
Aug 13, 2020
06:30 P.M.

A man refused to adopt his half-sister’s kid and handle all the financial responsibilities and wants to know if he is wrong.


A confused man has taken to the streets of Reddit to explain why he refused to adopt his sister’s child. The 25-year-old disclosed that he has an older sister, Lisa, from his late father’s first marriage, who was just a few years younger than his mum.

Due to the close age gap, his mother readily welcomed his half-sister into the family treated her like a close friend. When his dad died, their bond only waxed louder as they became support systems for each other.

A photo of a frustrated young man with his hand on his face. | Photo: Unsplash.

A photo of a frustrated young man with his hand on his face. | Photo: Unsplash.

He recalled that while growing up, Lisa always wanted kids, but never got the chance to have one. She tried to conceive naturally, but it didn’t work, so she opted for adoption and finding a donor, but nothing panned out.


It got so bad that she would pretend to be a surrogate mother when he was younger and had to be reminded by his parents that she is just his sister and not his mom. The reprimand hurt her, but that didn’t ruin their relationship.

A older woman who is sad and crying. | Photo: Unsplash.

A older woman who is sad and crying. | Photo: Unsplash.

Recently, Lisa reached out to the original poster and his mom, saying she had great news and invited them over for dinner. Although he and his mother were expecting some news about dating someone new, they were shocked when Lisa announced that she was pregnant after being involved with someone casually. Recalling her big news, he wrote:

“She said it was a miracle at her age as she was close to starting menopause, and I saw how happy she was and wished her well.”


However, there was a downside to the celebration, as the man said he is not interested in taking care of the child. Now, Lisa is 6 months pregnant, and her financial condition isn’t the same as it was when initially. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her business went under, and she is out of a job.

Although she had a little money left, Lisa wasted it on a car and couldn’t afford to pay her rent and was kicked out. She lives with his mom, squatting in the spare room, rent-free while his mom caters for her essential supplies.


Although Lisa receives unemployment benefits from time to time, she spends it lavishly, not thinking of her unborn baby. One fateful day, she came crying to the poster, realizing that she couldn’t care for the child and asked him to openly adopt the baby.

According to her, the original poster would be the child’s baby on paper and be responsible for all aspects of parenting, including financially. At the same time, she would have unrestricted access to the child.

The poster said no and advised Lisa to give the child to those who want it and be equipped to take care of it, and she accused him of saying she wasn’t fit to be a mother.

In another family drama, a woman refused to be adopted by her dad’s wife because she doesn’t want a replacement for her late mother. However, her father and stepmother keep accusing her of being selfish and mean. What do you think of these stories?

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