August 27, 2020

There Will Be a Blue Moon on Halloween This Year — Here Are the Details

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The celestial world is expected to experience a special phenomenon on October 31st when there will be a Halloween Blue Moon. This happens only once in 19 years.

2020 has come with a lot of unexpected occurrences. Astrology and the celestial world have been no exception. On October 31, 2020, it is expected that the earth will see a special moon — the Halloween blue moon.

While a blue moon occurs once every two and a half to three years, a Halloween full moon only happens once every eighteen to nineteen years.

An image of planet earth | Photo: Pixabay


Due to this rare occurrence, a full moon on October 31 is exciting for many. When the full moon doubles as a blue moon, the excitement goes up a notch

A full moon happens once a month in astrology, with the lunar cycle being 29 days long. However, since most months are longer than 29 days, it is possible to have two full moons in the same month. When this happens, a blue moon has occurred.


Going by this knowledge, it is believed that there are two types of blue moons; monthly and seasonal. If there are two full moons in a month, it is considered a monthly blue moon.

However, a blue moon is to be seasonal if it is the third of four full moons in a season. The upcoming blue moon is a monthly one with the first full moon appearing on October 1st and the second on the last day of the month.

There was a supermoon on March 10th, as well as April 7th 2020.


According to astronomers, after this year’s Halloween blue moon, it is expected to occur next in the years 2039, 2058, and 2077 each with a 19-year margin,

In addition to a blue moon, 2020 has also recorded two supermoons. When a supermoon happens, it means the moon reaches apogee, a point that’s farthest from the earth. It also reaches perigee, a point where it swings closest to earth.


Astrologers, therefore, believe a supermoon occurs when the moon is simultaneously at least 90% on the way to the perigee position when it is a full moon. 

Going by these definitions, there was a supermoon on March 10th as well as April 7th, 2020. When a supermoon occurs, the moon can appear larger and brighter than a normal one.

Without a doubt, this year has been an exciting one for astrology lovers. Many things might not have gone as planned, but at least, the moon has been lighting up the sky well enough!