September 01, 2020

Alex Rodriquez and Jennifer Lopez Are Disappointed after Withdrawing Bid to Buy the NY Mets

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Famous singer Jennifer Lopez and her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, have revealed their decision to step back from trying to acquire the New York Mets.

Superstar singer Jennifer Lopez and her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, have officially taken a step back from their decision to purchase the New York Mets. The couple released a joint statement revealing how disappointed they were at how things turned out. Lopez posted the release which read:

“The consortium said that they are disappointed to not be part of the revitalization of New York City and provide an exhilarating experience for the fans…”

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez at "Project Destined" Yankees Shark Tank Presentations at Yankee Stadium on March 4, 2018 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images


Lopez and Rodriquez wished the Wilpon family and the rest of the organization well in their future endeavors. The singer and actress continued to express her feelings in the caption about her and her fiance’s withdrawal from acquiring the baseball team.

She shared a photo of the statement released alongside a caption that narrated how hard she and her fiance worked for six months dreaming that they would soon become the first minority couple to own the team.


The singer hoped that she would be the first woman to own and purchase her dad’s favorite Major League Baseball team, all with her hard work and dedication. The singer reassured fans that they still had not given up.

Before their withdrawal, the singer’s excitement at the prospects of owning the team bubbled in an interview on her husband’s podcast, The Corp podcast

According to PEOPLE, the couple stepped down from gunning for the baseball team after reports that Steven Cohen, a billionaire hedge fund manager, was also reaching for the same team and already in talks to finalize his purchase.


Rodriguez was a professional baseball shortstop who played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball and played for 12 years with the Mets’ popularly known rivals, the New York Yankees.

The NY Mets’ current owner is real estate developer Fred Wilpon, and his family revealed that they were ready to sell 80 percent of the team to the hedge fund manager, Cohen, in December. 


The purchase did not happen as planned and fell through sometime in February, reportedly due to disagreements concerning the closing costs. 

Cohen’s re-entry for the race to own the team was not publicly declared, but his initial bid for the team beat Lopez and Rodriguez’s $2.3 billion offer by $300,000. His new offer was also not revealed publicly.


Before their withdrawal, the singer’s excitement at the prospects of owning the team bubbled in an interview on her husband’s podcast, The Corp podcast.

The 51-year-old was very passionate about being a voice for women and diversity in the world of baseball and beyond. She and Rodriguez, both of whom were part of the bidding consortium, reportedly planned to put in up to $300 million from their personal funds.

Following the disappointing development, the singer and her beau were spotted at a private airport in The Hamptons, where they shared a sweet kiss while rocking casual loungewear. 

The couple might have lost out on purchasing their dream team, but that has had nothing to do with the sizzling romance between them.