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September 06, 2020

Glimpse inside Dr Phil and His Wife Robin's Lavish Home

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His decades-long career as a television therapist and life advisor has made him very wealthy, and now he gets to spend his days in a huge mansion with a lot of amenities for him and his longtime wife to enjoy.

70-year-old TV personality and psychologist Phil McGraw, known as Dr. Phil has been a mainstream public figure for at least two decades, and his career success has helped him make a fortune that allows him to live in a dream home.

Dr. Phil’s Beverly Hills mansion is valued at around $30 million, and he has shared it with his wife of more than forty years, Robin McGraw, the mother of his two grown children, since 2011.


Dr. Phil Robin McGraw attending the 'Selma' and the Legends Who Paved the Way gala at Bacara Resort in Goleta, California in December 2014. I Image: Getty Images.

The 12,000-square-foot property sits on a large hill that while keeping the couple away from Hollywood’s rush still offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city of Los Angeles.


The interior of the house has a European aesthetic, with a terracotta roof, massive columns, and wrought-iron balconies, and it includes five bedrooms, nine full bathrooms, and two half-bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, a home office, and several living areas.


The estate’s outdoor area has a pool, beautiful landscaping, and a tennis court, so Dr. Phil and Robin have had lots of room to move around during the recent months the two have spent during the quarantine.

Spending so much time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic has apparently made Dr. Phil appreciate it much more, and he has taken to his Instagram account many times to offer his fans a glimpse of his lavish home.



While Dr. Phil’s marriage to Robin, his second wife, has gone on for 44 years, his first marriage, to Debbie Higgins only lasted for three years, something that can be attributed to how young he was on his first attempt at a long relationship.

According to Higgins and she and Dr. Phil’s friends and neighbors, he wasn’t as invested in the marriage as Higgins was, and this is something he also came to realize, agreeing to divorce to let the two free to pursue a better romantic life.


Dr. Phil returned to his hometown, Kansas City, where he soon fell in love with Robin, who was a friend of his sister. However, he only found the courage to ask her out when he overheard her telling his sister that she also liked him.

Nevertheless, as things started to get serious between them, Robin was ready to make things official by marrying, something that Dr. Phil was initially reluctant to do, which left her no alternative but to give him an ultimatum.

Dr. Phil and Robin finally exchanged vows in 1976, welcoming their older son Jay in 1979, followed by Jordan, born in 1986.

The couple continues to live a happy life together, despite having faced their up and downs like any other couple, and they have proved the many ill-intentioned rumors about their marriage wrong again and again.


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