Woman Won't Allow Sister to Bring Her Service Dog to Her Wedding

Rebelander Basilan
Sep 13, 2020
01:30 A.M.
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A woman sparked intense family drama after refusing to allow her sister to bring her "service dog" to her big day. She explained the story in an online forum.


Writing on Reddit, Melissa (not her real name) shared that she forbade her sister Mandy (not her real name) from bringing her dog to her upcoming wedding. Her sister, who considered her pooch a service dog, was supposed to be her bridesmaid.

"She has a fake service dog. She says it's for PTSD from our childhood," Melissa wrote. "We had an extremely normal childhood and she has always been very attention seeking / problematic [sic]."

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Her sister got the dog as a puppy. She started considering it as a service dog in training so her landlord would permit her to have a pet. Now, she has herself convinced that she needs this dog and that it performs some therapy for her.

The problem is, it is not a trained service dog. Melissa said that the dog has aggressive tendencies. It even scratches up someone's legs.

Melissa, who is getting married in 6 months, wrote that she and her sister were discussing wedding details when the latter informed her that she would be bringing her dog and putting him in a "doggy tuxedo."

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Melissa immediately told her sister she could not bring her dog to the wedding. Her sister became upset and went on to accuse her of causing her childhood trauma.

Mandy also told Melissa she would not attend her wedding if she does not allow her to bring her dog, saying she absolutely needs him during the ceremony.

[Melissa] was worried that her sister would use the dog to steal the crowd's attention on her wedding day.

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Melissa told her sister she was ridiculous. She pointed out that her dog is not even trained and that there is nothing medically wrong with her.

However, her sister refused to listen to her. She even tried to get family members to take her side. Her sister also accused Melissa of discriminating against her for her supposed disability.

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But Melissa thought the "whole service dog thing" is her sister's way of feeling special. For her, Mandy just wants to get attention from other people.

She added that her sister's dog even has its own Instagram account. She was worried that her sister would use the dog to steal the crowd's attention on her wedding day.

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Melissa's post has garnered many comments on Reddit, and most say she made the right decision not to allow her sister to bring her dog to her wedding. They also pointed out that the dog poses danger because it is not a real service dog.

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