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Closer Weekly: 'Little House on the Prairie' Stars Recall the Days of Filming during Childhood

Joe Akins
Sep 08, 2020
02:00 A.M.
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Stars from "Little House on the Prairie" recently recalled some of their favorites memories from working on the show, and the actors had nothing but kind words to say.

"Little House on the Prairie" ended over three decades ago, but today, the stars of the show are taking a trip down memory lane. Although Michael Landon, who acted as Charles Ingalls and doubled as the show's director, passed away some years back, the other cast members shared some of their fondest memories.

While speaking, Melissa Gilbert, who acted Laura, recalled her audition for the show. According to her, she had no idea how famous Landon was, but he made her feel comfortable nonetheless.

Cast members of the 1974 television series "Little House on the Prairie." | Photo: Getty Images


Another memory the actress has was from the first day on set when he gave her a hilarious nickname. Alison Arngrim, who played Nellie Oleson, also recalled how she and Gilbert used to play pranks and play around on set.

Although their characters were usually at loggerheads on the series, Gilbert and Arngrim eventually formed a great friendship.

Actress Melissa Gilbert at the SiriusXM Studios on November 17, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images


Another child star from the series, Rachel Lindsay Greenbush, who acted as Carrie Ingalls, explained that she felt a connection with other kids on the show and added that Gilbert used to come read books to them.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Gilbert and her husband Timothy Busfield have been residing at their York's Catskill Mountains.

Speaking about Landon, who played the head of their on-screen family, Arngrim explained that the actor encouraged them to work hard and have fun. Greenbush recalled how generous Landon was with his time and how he would often allow them to sit behind the camera.

Mary Ingalls (Melissa Sue Anderson) and John Sanders-Edwards (Radames Pera) from the television program "Little House on the Prairie." | Photo: Getty Images


For Gilbert, however, she shared a deeper connection with the actor on and off the screen. She admitted that he was a significant influence in her life, so much so that her youngest son is named after him.

"Little House on the Prairie" was an American drama centered around the life of sisters Laura, Mary, Carrie, and Grace.

The series, which was based on the semi-autobiographical novels written by Laura Ingalls Wilder, aired for nine years between 1974 and 1983.

Charlotte Stewart and Alison Arngrim in a scene from the television series 'Little House on the Prairie' | Photo: Getty Images


With the show's success came newfound fame for Gilbert, who was the star actress. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that she went on to appear in several TV shows, including the 1992 sitcom "Stand By Your Man."

By 2001, Gilbert had become one of the most influential figures in Hollywood and was elected President of the Screen Actors Guild.

Melissa Gilbert at Build Studio on August 14, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Gilbert and her husband Timothy Busfield have been residing at their York's Catskill Mountains, which remind the actress of her time on "Little House on the Prairie."

Although the show ended a long time ago, Gilbert still shares a strong connection with the movie as she continues to relive the time and memories of the classic film.