September 11, 2020

ET Online: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Showed Their Daughter Daisy to Friends via FaceTime

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Famous American singer Katy Perry and her beau, Orlando Bloom, recently allowed friends to see their family's latest addition, over Facetime. 

Katy Perry and her husband-to-be, Orlando Bloom, are ecstatic about being parents. The gorgeous couple welcomed their first child, Daisy Dove Bloom, together on August 26. 

The joyful news was announced on social media by UNICEF, a charity with whom both stars are goodwill ambassadors. A source told ET that since the arrival of their first child together, the pair has not been able to get enough of her. 

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the Los Angeles premiere of "Carnival Row" on August 21, 2019, in Hollywood, California | Photo: Getty Images


The source informed ET that Perry and Bloom have had to show friends how their Daisy looks over Facetime. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

According to the source, the "Dark Horse" singer is an incredible mother and is completely enamored by her daughter. The source also said,

"The couple and their love for one another had grown to a level they didn't even expect since the arrival of their daughter."


Bloom popped the big question back in February 2019, and the famous musician said yes. In March, a source close to the family told ET that they had to shift their planned wedding in Japan this year in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

Perry initially revealed that she was expecting in March in the music footage for her song, "Never Worn White." It's the famous singer's first time being a mother, but for her beau, it's his second. 

Lionel Richie also sent a bottle of champagne wrapped in a mini white bathrobe.


The 43-year-old actor shares a nine-year-old boy named Flynn, with his former wife, Miranda Kerr. Earlier in April, Perry opened up about how she feels about being pregnant amidst a full-blown pandemic.

The singer stated that it has brought in balance for her. And it has also allowed her to prepare herself to stay home after quarantine ends. 


Since Perry and Bloom welcomed Daisy last month, they have been getting swamped with love and kindness in the form of gifts, portraits, and congratulatory messages. They have also gotten words of encouragement from their close friends.  

The pair received an adorable treasure trove of goodies from Ryan Seacrest earlier this week. Perry later took to her Instagram Story to show appreciation to the show host.  


Another gift came in from Beyonce. The gift contained a stunning bouquet of white flowers accompanied by a handwritten note welcoming Perry to motherhood.  

Lionel Richie also sent a bottle of champagne wrapped in a mini white bathrobe with a metallic unicorn horn. Fans were not left out. While some limited their gift to congratulatory messages on social media, others went all out. 

Most recently, Perry revealed a drawn portrait that captured her cradling her baby, dressed in a yellow outfit with white petals giving the representation of her name, a daisy. There's no doubt that the new mom will be an amazing one!