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Bride Presents a Matching Ring to Her Stepson during Wedding Ceremony with His Father

Pedro Marrero
Sep 12, 2020
05:30 A.M.
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The bride decided to do something special to make her new husband's son can feel all her love and commitment to the new family they are forming together. The boy couldn't have had a more adorable reaction.


Rebekah Seabolt is a very special woman who joined her life to two very special men. The bride decided to give to her husband Tyler's son a token of her love for him. 9-year-old Jude is a very important part of both of their lives.

This is why before the wedding ceremony, Seabolt gives a rose gold ring made especially to Jude. On the ring, the bride had a message engraved so that her stepson would remember the engagement they were making that day.

A couple pictured at their wedding celebration. I Image: Pixabay.


The message engraved on the ring: "Forever Family", is what they are now, explains the woman in an interview after the photos of the event were published on Facebook. The professional photographer who took the wedding photos uploaded them to her account and they reached the press.



There is a very special relationship between Seabolt and her stepson Jude and the gift she gave him on her wedding day with his father proves it. In the first photograph, the groom is seen behind the child, covering his eyes with his hands.


Then, in another photograph, the boy shows his amazement at seeing what the girlfriend has for him. In the next photograph, the child's face goes from astonishment to crying with joy and in the last one, you can see the child's arms surrounding the body of the bride in a big hug.


The bride said that for her Jude is the best child in the world. With her gesture, she wanted the boy to know how much she loves him and that she will always be there for him. Jude's father, for his part, was as moved as the boy with the gesture of his now-wife.


He couldn't see his son's face, as he was standing behind him keeping his eyes covered. He could only see his girlfriend's face and in her expressions, he could see reflected what his son was feeling at that moment.

To him, his wife is the most loving and endearing woman there is. The photographs of the special moment that this family lived were also shared by the event room where the wedding took place on their Facebook. Of course, it won't take long to go viral with over 80,000 views.



Other grooms have decided to take part in the marriage ceremonies for their stepdaughters, like a groom in Brazil who at the time of the exchange of vows called his girlfriend's daughter to ask her if she wanted to be his daughter forever. The surprised girl answered affirmatively and he placed a ring on her hand.


video of a bride

who in the middle of the ceremony called the ex-girlfriend of her now-husband and the son they both share has also gone viral. She then proceeded to recite her vows for the son and the mother, committing herself to love, communicate, and support the boy.