Woman Refuses to Give Her Mother Her New Address

Lois Oladejo
Sep 20, 2020
09:00 A.M.
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A woman refuses to tell her mother her new address 6 years after the mom told someone the poster was avoiding her former address. While her siblings think she is overreacting, Reddit users agree with her decision.


Today's story is about a woman who sought Reddit users' opinions to determine if she was wrong for refusing to give her mother her new address.

The woman explained that she is originally from England but moved to another country because she was trying to get away from someone.

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On reaching the new country, the woman gave her parents her contact information but instructed them not to share it with anyone.

However, barely a week after, the person she was trying to get away from in England showed up in her house. She then called her cousin to help get rid of him and ended up moving to a new place.

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After the guy was taken away, the woman asked her parents how he found her. Although she initially denied, her mother eventually admitted to telling him.

The woman then scolded her mom for putting her life and her daughter's at risk. In the 48 hours that followed, she received numerous calls from her mother and the person she was avoiding, so, she changed her number.

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Once again, the woman moved to another place, but she refused to give her mom her contact information this time. Although they are in touch, she noted she doesn't trust her mother enough with her address.

Whenever her mom comes to the country to see her, they book a hotel where they stay and spend time together. 

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Recently, while speaking about Christmas, her mom said she would like them to spend the holiday together. For this, the woman suggested staying at one hotel where they could have a lovely Christmas dinner.

On hearing this, her mom got upset, saying that she deserves to know where her daughter lives. In response, the woman told her mom she would give her her contact information if she could trust her.

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Her mom then said that she had not been allowed to prove herself in the past six years. She added that knowing the address is the best way to do that.

On hearing this, the woman said she does not make the same mistakes twice, and her mom ended the call. Since then, the woman has received messages from her siblings, who stated that she can't hold a mistake over their life for the rest of her life.

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Reddit users, however, did not seem to agree with this opinion. Many noted that the woman's mom was wrong to have betrayed her, while others said there was no point giving her a second chance since she blew the first one.

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