July 31, 2020

Woman Blames Mother for Her Infertility

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A woman believed that her mother was responsible for her inability to have children and took to Reddit to narrate her experience. 

A woman on Reddit took to the social media platform to narrate her experience to other users. The woman explained that ever since her fourteenth birthday, she has had bad periods. 

Her menstrual periods were always associated with vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, and pains, which made her cry. This caused her to ask her mother to take her to a gynecologist. 

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When they got there, the gynecologist said that her experience was similar to that of other girls and that she would get used to it with time. He also explained that while some girls had painful menstruations, others felt little pain. 

After meeting with the doctor, the woman's mother refused to let her see another doctor even as the pains continued. She told her daughter that she had low pain tolerance and that her experience was normal. 

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Whenever the woman complained, her mom would scream at her, even when it did not have anything to do with her period. This almost caused the then-teenager to lose her life after a bout of pneumonia when she was 16. 

However, she explained that her mother was otherwise a caring person, but was only tough when it came to issues of her menstrual cycle and the pains she suffered. 

The woman recently turned 20 and moved out of her mom's house. Immediately she left, the first thing she did was to visit another doctor.

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The doctor explained that she had a rare condition that was causing her to have severe menstrual symptoms. The doctor further said that the condition would have been treatable if the woman had come two or three years earlier. 

However, it had passed the stage of treatment, meaning that it would make her infertile. This hurt the woman so much, and she blamed her mother for it. 

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She went to visit her mom, and during the visit, her period came surprisingly. The woman told her mom that she needed to leave as her period was about to start, but her mom, again, talked her down. 

This caused the woman to flare up, and she revealed what the doctor said to her, blaming her mother for infertility, something that would not have happened if only she listened to her. 

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However, her sister, who was around, later told her that she was wrong to blame her mother, given that there was no way she could have known about her condition. 

Reddit users who read the story voiced their opinions on the matter, with most of them saying that the woman's mother was wrong not to have taken her to the hospital even after complaining about her pains on multiple occasions. 

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A user opined that it was the responsibility of parents to protect and advocate for their children and that the woman's mother failed in that regard. 

Another user said the woman's mother's reaction to her pains was only a result of internalized misogyny when it came to the issue of menstrual pains, and that she paid the price for it. 

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