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30-Year-Old Woman Becomes Her Country's Youngest Grandmother after Daughter Gives Birth at 14

Lois Oladejo
Mar 26, 2022
08:40 P.M.
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Kelly Healey was only 30 years old when she became Britain's youngest grandmother in August 2018. The mom of five said there was no need to yell at her pregnant teenage daughter, who got pregnant at 14.


Kelly Healey never thought she would be a nan at the age of 30. So, the mom of five was stunned when she discovered that her then 14-year-old daughter, Skye Salter, was pregnant.

Healey said she saw no point in yelling at Salter, now 17, about safe sex and contraceptives. Instead, she decided to offer support and help her teenage daughter get used to life as a new mom.

[Left] Skye Salter carrying her son in her hands; [Right] Skye Salter and her mother, Kelly Healey. | Source: facebook.com/skye.salter.35 youtube.com/Fabulous Magazine



Salter lived in Cranford, West London, with her stepmother and father when she decided to take a digital test and discovered she was pregnant in 2018.

The stunned teen was taken to Isleworth's West Middlesex Hospital for an ultrasound, where doctors discovered she was already 36 weeks and four days pregnant.


The adolescent had been sexually active and took the test as a preventive measure before getting the contraceptive implant. Salter was shocked when the doctors ruled out the option of abortion since she was several weeks pregnant. The teen mom recalled:

"I was stunned. I had a secret feeling I might be pregnant, so I'd suggested the test. The dad is a local lad around my own age. "


Salter added that she was shocked by the thought of becoming a mom, noting that a few weeks earlier, she had been actively engaged in sporting activities with friends and couldn't believe the quick turn of events.

Before realizing she was pregnant. Salter had some signs but didn't think much of it. She had missed her periods, but according to her, her periods had been inconsistent, so she never assumed that was a sign.

Hearing her baby's heartbeat during the ultrasound filled Salter's heart with love for her unborn child, and she realized she would not have been able to have an abortion even if it were possible. Being a mom has become exciting. She knew she had another human to prioritize before herself.



Healey has braced up for the responsibility of being a nan even though her own mother is just 48-years old, making her one of the youngest great-grandmothers in the country. Speaking of her mom, Healey told the newspaper:

"I'm not sure my m0m was ready to be a great-gran at 48, though."

But, the young granny sometimes thinks it doesn't feel right to be a granny since she still acts like she's in her 20s. Healey also confessed to feeling awkward when people ask if her three-year-old grandson, Bailey, is her son.



Healey isn't the first mom to experience "grandmotherhood" in her 30s. Gemma Skinner from Amersham, Bucks, was previously the record holder for Britain's youngest grandmom after her 17-year-old teenager, Maizie, gave birth to her daughter, Larosa Mae, in 2021. Skinner was only 33 at the time.

Skinner said she was worried about being called "nan or granny" at first, but spending time with her little one changed her perspective, and she's loving it and is grateful for her family.


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