Woman Sued Sister-In-Law for Stealing Her Book and Making a Huge Profit from It

A woman who writes as a hobby wants to know if she is right to sue her sister-in-law, who stole her book idea and made a considerable profit from it. 

The woman in question writes as a hobby and shares her short stories with her followers. She reportedly got the idea to write the book her sister-in-law stole while she was in middle school.  

She finished the book in 2019; however, she had no choice but to temporarily abandon the project to avoid losing her day job. The aggrieved woman says her brother and his wife visited her home six months ago to introduce her to their baby girl.

A woman typing on her laptop. | Photo: Flickr

A woman typing on her laptop. | Photo: Flickr

When they arrived, her sister-in-law put the baby in her arms even though she hardly knew how to hold one. The baby did not like that very much and was fussy, but the woman's brother helped keep her calm while his wife went to the bathroom, allegedly to pump breast milk.  

They left her home sometime later, and all was well until the woman heard that her sister-in-law had published a book, which is the first time in a while. The woman was a bit surprised since she had always heard that her sister-in-law does not like books because she thinks they are boring. 

To show her support, the woman buys a copy of the book, and to her dismay, the content was too similar to her own. She immediately made a comparison between her copy of the unpublished work and the published book, and she realized that it was virtually the same except that it had been edited and proofread for clarity.

Too angry at the disrespect, the woman confronted her sister-in-law over the phone– her sister-in-law ended the conversation stating that her yelling upset her. It was the first of many phone calls between the two women, and eventually, their parents got involved.

The woman had evidence in the form of her unedited copy and detailed notes, and the truth finally came out. In a bid to settle the dispute, the sister-in-law confessed that she and her husband needed the money because the lockdown has been threatening their jobs, making it harder to care for their child.

She said she would give the woman 75% of the continuous royalty to settle it, but the woman did not have it. She requested the pseudonym her sister-in-law put the book under but stated that she would pay her for editing, proofreading, and marketing the book. 

The sister-in-law alleged that the woman was taking away her daughter's college funds since she just lost her job and her unemployment check was yet to come in. The woman threatened to sue her– a course of action that got everyone mad at her.

In the comments section, users had mixed reactions; some encouraged her to sue since she had evidence while others urged her not to go through with the threat because her sister-in-law is practically a family member. Click here for another story on the drama between a woman and her sister-in-law.

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