Woman Kicks Mother Out of Her Recently-Inherited House after She Called Her Disgusting

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Sep 20, 2020
06:00 P.M.
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A woman sought the Reddit online community's advice after she kicked her mother out of the house she inherited from her late aunt. She claimed that her mother shamed her for sleeping naked at night.


Lia (not her real name) narrated her side of the story on the Reddit online forum, saying that her mother, Laura (not her real name), thought it was a good idea to live with her in the house. Lia said:

"I started living there about three months ago after I recently turned 18 and started college."

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Laura also thought it was best to be with Lia, who has just broken up with her girlfriend. Her daughter was still studying, too. It was a win-win situation for the mother-daughter duo.

With Laura helping her around the house and cooking for her, Lia said it worked well at first. But there is one thing that Laura did not like about her daughter - Lia sleeps naked at night.

It was a habit Lia has developed. One night, Laura entered her room and found Lia sleeping with no clothes on. Her mother was mad and called her disgusting.

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But for Lia, sleeping naked was not a big deal. It was a habit she has been doing every night after a refreshing shower. Besides, she can do whatever she wants in her own bedroom. She said:

"If I were a boy, I can understand that it would make her uncomfortable, but I'm a woman too."

The next day, Lia shrugged off her mother's comments. She continued to sleep naked at night, as it helped her fall asleep fast. But her mother would not stop nagging about it.

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Laura would enter her room to tell her she was disgusting and that no man would want her because she would sleep naked at night. Her mother's nagging went on for a week.

Thinking that her mother was disrespectful of her choices, Lia asked Laura to pack her bags and leave the house. Her brother was angry at her for kicking their mother out of her home.

After Lia poured out her feelings over her dilemma, several Reddit users commended her for establishing boundaries in her own house. Some said that Laura still wanted control over her daughter.

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Another user pointed out that sleeping with no clothes on is a legitimate personal preference. No one should tell one person what to do and what not to do, the user added. 

One user chimed in to say that her mother dared to live with her and still make demands. The user suggested that her mother should leave and have her own house instead.

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Elders tend to be controlling even when their children are already adults. In another family drama, a 26-year-old African woman who moved to America was disowned by her own family.

After she gave birth to a son out of wedlock, her parents tried to control how she should raise her child. Many Reddit users expressed anger at her parents' behavior.