See These Hilarious Tweets That All Parents Will Understand

Jaimie-lee Prince
Sep 20, 2020
09:30 P.M.

Social media has made sharing relatable content easy. For parents, dealing with bizarre questions and their kids' indecisiveness is now something they can dwell on as a team.


Most children go through the same stages as they grow up. When they're young, they do silly things. As they get older, they start asking questions. Then, before you know it, they're looking down on their parents in embarrassment.

Thankfully, all kids and unique, and the hilarious ways they go through each stage is almost always worth sharing. On Twitter, a few parents shared some of the funniest experiences with their kids.

Toddler lays in grass with one hand under her chin | Photo: Pixabay

Toddler lays in grass with one hand under her chin | Photo: Pixabay


One man revealed what his teenager is most fearful about when the two go out in public. Adults do tend to have loud, uncontrollable sneezes sometimes, but it is natural.


Four-year-olds are probably the bluntest, most straightforward little people around. They also tend to lose things quite easily. Their developing minds can't always be helped.



Kids sometimes take a while to grow out of their snot-nosed days. Parents must learn quickly that cleanliness is something not all children are mindful of without being taught.

Of course, kids, in general, will leave messes everywhere they go. Dressing appropriately as a parent is not always about what event they're going to, but what will stand out on their outfit if food is involved.



Even getting out of the house may not happen. This kid is indecisive about whether or not he needs help. It sounds like he and his mother will be stuck in limbo forever.


When kids start questioning things, sometimes it's the adults who have trouble understanding what is being asked. The phrasing of this toddler's question left the mom stumped.


Children's creativity is sometimes impressive, and other times downright confusing. This kid's determination to switch things up while eating caused a serious delay in his mom's plans.


Often, though, kids deliver the most clever responses to their parents. Their quick brains make it hard not to feel outwitted, but parents must not give in.


Sometimes, it's not a battle between parent and child but between two parents. When adults fall short in front of their kids, it might be best to have only one person take the fall — but not always the guilty one.


Last month, both parents were told off by their own child for getting pregnant a sixth time. The 19-year-old took to Reddit to explain why she was so upset at her parents.


The woman explained that she was forced to grow up in trying circumstances because of her parents' financial situation. Yet they continually had kids because they believe children are a gift from God.

A photo of a large family with seven children peeking through a bannister railing on a staircase. | Photo: Unsplash.

A photo of a large family with seven children peeking through a bannister railing on a staircase. | Photo: Unsplash.

The family relied heavily on charity from family and friends. When the parents announced they were having a sixth child and that they expected their daughter to give up her inheritance to help support the baby, she refused.

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