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Man Calls Out Women for Disrespectful Comments

Joe Akins
Sep 21, 2020
09:30 P.M.
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A man called out women who made negative comments about his physical appearance after shaving off his beards. While he thinks he might have done something wrong, Reddit users approved of his decision. 


Today's story is about a man who asked Reddit users to determine if he was wrong to have called out some women who made disrespectful comments to him.

The man started by noting that he is in his 20s and has had a beard since he was 16. All of his male role models had facial hair, and since he wanted to be like them, he stopped shaving at some point.

A photo of a frustrated man holding his head. | Photo: Shutterstock


To this effect, most of the people he interacts with at work, in his community, and several of his friends have come to identify him with a beard.

Over time, this young man developed a bad habit of pulling on his beards when anxious. In a bid to stop the practice, he decided to shave with the aim of stopping the habit before his next beard grows out.


However, the man got adverse reactions from women at his workplace and some others who were quick to point out how different he looked without his beards. While some stated that he looked like a child, others simply said he looked horrible.

After hearing so many negative comments, the man told them to stop telling him how bad he looked. He continued by asking how they would feel if a man made similar comments about their physical appearance.


However, the women were not receptive to his outburst as some decided to walk away while others were quick to say more hurtful things to him. This made the man wonder if he said anything wrong.

Though it was not only women that made comments about him, the man noted that it was the one from women that got to him because of their tone.


In response to this story, Reddit users quickly pointed out how rude it was for his co-workers to speak to him in such a condescending manner. The majority of the users agreed with how he called them out over their rude comments. 

One user wrote, "That is completely inappropriate for any co-worker to say. You should document this with HR. What they did is workplace harassment."

Another added, "You didn't say anything mean you just explained why what she said is not very nice," with many others also leaving similar comments.

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