Man Lets His Wife Spend the Night in Jail — Here's Why

Joe Akins
Sep 28, 2020
06:20 P.M.
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A Reddit user and his wife fell out after an unfortunate disagreement at a family wedding that they attended with their kids.

While having fun at a family wedding with his wife and kids, a Reddit user became angry when his brother decided to bring up their parents' will. 

According to his brother, their parents changed the initial agreements and left only ten dollars to him and his wife while the rest of their estate went to the brother.

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The man was livid and confronted his father about his brother's claims. He knew he and his wife were not necessarily entitled to his parents' money, but that did not stop him from being angry at the blatant favoritism.

When the man confronted his dad, he was met with nonchalance as his father rarely ever cared about the family drama.

He told his son that his mother was behind it all, and she was acting crazy. In a quest to get to the root of it all, the man asked his mom. True to his father's words, she did act crazy. 

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She yelled at him and his wife and said that they knew how much she disliked his wife. Even though he reminded himself that his parents did not owe it to him, the man was still hurt at the extent to which they would go. 

They played favorites with him and his brother, and even with their own children. His brother's daughter was easily treated like the golden grandchild while his kids were kicked to the curb.

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After the seemingly endless back and forth, the man's mother finally gave them an ultimatum. She demanded that he divorced his wife in exchange for a 50/50 share of their estate with his brother. That was when his wife's patience flew off the handle. She started yelling at his mom, calling her many unkind names.

Embarrassed and exhausted with all the yelling, the man's parents tried to make a run for it in their car. His wife was having none of that and went ahead to chase their convertible, ignoring his pleas to stop as she was scaring their kids by acting too crazy.

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She somehow caught up with his parents' convertible and leaped into the backseat. At this point, the man's mom was fed up and called the cops to arrest the angry woman.

The man took their kids on and tucked them in for the night. Still angry at his wife, he told her that he did not want to wake the kids up to come get her.

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They bailed her out the next morning, but she was still extremely angry at him for leaving her there. He wondered if he truly was wrong for leaving his wife in jail. Here is a similar story of a man who blamed his wife for their being homeless.