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Man Didn't Invite His Wife's Sibling to Their Wedding — Here's Why

Pedro Marrero
Sep 29, 2020
10:00 P.M.
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The man in this #storyoftheday had to make a very unpleasant move against his in-laws to allow his wife to have the wedding she always dreamed, and now he is facing terrible consequences.


An unidentified Reddit user recently took to the popular social site to share a story about how he earned the dislike of much of his wife’s family from the start of the marriage after “un-inviting” his wife’s sibling to the wedding.

As the man wrote in the thread, his wife was the kind of woman that dreamed about her wedding day for her entire life, and by the time he asked her to marry she had thought about every little detail of the special day.

A couple walking hand in hand during the day of their wedding. I Image: Getty Pixabay.


Knowing how much his wife (then fiancée) cared about the wedding, the man in the story wasn’t let anybody overshadow her on the big day, so when he considered that his fiancée’s older sibling was demanding too much for the occasion, he did what he could to stop they (as the sibling chooses to be addressed as).

As a background, adds the man, his wife’s older sibling has always been “a total narcissist” that has given his wife a hard time since her childhood, even though his wife always tried to make things out with her sibling.


Six months ahead of the wedding, the older sibling announced their desire to come out as transgender at the celebration, using the occasion as their come out event given the big list of guests that were going to be in attendance.

While the man and his wife supported the sibling’s desire to come out transgender in public, they suggested another party especially conceived for them to make their gender identity acknowledged, but that wasn’t enough to convince the sibling of not making it about themselves at least on the wedding day.


Noticing the resistance of his wife’s sibling from going out in public as a transgender person for the first time during the day of his wedding, the man decided to take an emergency measure to save his wife’s dream day.

What he did was changing the date of the invitations sent to his wife’s sibling and their parents, who had taken their side, which resulted in none of them attending the wedding.


Eventually, the man admitted to having been doing what he did for his wife’s protection, something that she has thanked him for, but the price he had to pay is that his in-laws resent him to this day.

As for the sibling, they no longer speak to them, and neither have they tried or mentioned anything about coming out or transitioning, after having put the entire family against him over it.


Most of the users that commented on the story were of the opinion that the man certainly was dishonest in his way of dealing with his in-laws but that he was forced to do so to not let them have their way and steal the spotlight on his wife’s dream day.

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