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Man Refuses to Go to Daughter's Wedding Because His Wife Isn't Invited

Bettina Dizon
Sep 26, 2020
05:30 A.M.

A man who chose not to see his children until after 18 years refused to be part of his daughter’s wedding because she did not invite his wife.


A man sought advice from the Reddit community after refusing to attend his daughter’s wedding as his wife was not invited. Here’s the full story and the comments of Reddit users.

As the Reddit user claimed, he did not want kids and always made it a point to be protected from any accidents. However, he still got his ex-girlfriend pregnant.

Because of the responsibility he refused to accept, he begged his partner to have an abortion or adoption, which she did not want. Despite his opposition, they ended up having twins and moved in together.

During that time, the man met his future wife, who was from the same circle of friends. “I was instantly very attracted to her,” he said. “I guess people call it an emotional affair.”


He grew close to the woman and found comfort in her words. After opening up about his problems, she agreed that a man could walk away from his children, the same way a woman can choose to abort.

When his children entered the picture, his feelings stayed the same. The man was fixated on the idea of not being a father that he began hating his life and succumbing to depression.

The man’s situation created a debate on the comments section, with some defending the man because he paid for the wedding and many years of child support.

After months of sadness, the woman graduated and encouraged the man to move from New York to California with her to start a new life. She convinced the man by saying that “if I don’t walk away now, I can’t do it in five years, and now is the moment to hurt my kids the least.”

A man and woman sweetly dancing. | Source: Shutterstock

A man and woman sweetly dancing. | Source: Shutterstock

Her persuasion quickly convinced him, and together they moved to California and tied the knot. Despite leaving his ex and twins, the man continued to pay for child support.

When the twins turned 18, they decided to meet their father, who was ready by this time. The man and his son ended up having a good relationship, but his daughter hates his wife for telling him to walk away from his family.

The dilemma came as his daughter’s wedding day approached. The bride did not want to invite her father’s wife for the obvious reasons, which he called “incredibly disrespectful.”


The daughter said that her father’s wife was “selfish and evil and just said those things” for him to be with her. Although the father fully paid for the wedding, he did not want to attend.

The man’s situation created a debate on the comments section, with some defending the man because he paid for the wedding and many years of child support.

Screenshot of comments from a Reddit post. | Source: Reddit.com/AmITheAsshole

Screenshot of comments from a Reddit post. | Source: Reddit.com/AmITheAsshole

However, many said it was neither the daughter nor the wife’s fault; it was the father’s mistake. One comment read:

“Are you the [expletive] for suddenly deciding you want to teach your daughter (you know, the one you abandoned!) what is and isn’t disrespectful? And who she must invite to her wedding? YES!”

Who do you think is at fault here? Find out what happened in another family after an 18-year-old’s parents sided with her cousin, who was caught stealing her things.

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