Man Stops His Mother from Attending His Sister's Wedding

Rebelander Basilan
Oct 04, 2020
09:30 P.M.
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A man decided to stop his mother, who has always been dramatic, from going to his sister's wedding. However, it seemed there was much more to the story.


Ben (not his real name) has a lesbian sister, who has been engaged for about two years and was scheduled to get married back in April. However, the wedding was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last month, the couple decided to have a wedding in front of their loved ones. Since he and his sister didn't have a clue about their father, Ben shared on Reddit that he filled in that role during her big day.

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"Our mother has always been fairly dramatic and has been very on again off again with us in our adult lives," he wrote. Ben noted that his mother has improved in the past few years.

But she can still be unpredictable, prompting his sister to make him promise he keep their mother in check. Clearly, his sister did not want their mother to attend her special day.

Prior to the wedding, Ben said that he spent the night with his sister in a hotel, while his wife and children stayed with his mother, who only lives around 20 minutes from the wedding venue.

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Ben said his wife sent him a picture of what his mother was wearing the morning of the wedding. "I'm sure you all saw this coming," he wrote, "but it was white and very similar in style to my sister's wedding dress."

Ben's wife disclosed to him she had gently urged his mom to pick another dress. However, the dress she was wearing was the only nice thing she owned, his mother claimed.

Before the ceremony, they did call her to check whether she had come to her senses.

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Ben then instructed his wife to lie to his mother. He advised her to tell his mom they would pick her up on the way in a nicer vehicle, so she could make a big entrance with him and his sister.

Apparently, his mother was overjoyed with this offer, Ben said, adding that she saw no problem when his wife and children left without her. However, they never picked her up.

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Ben said she does not drive, so this implied she missed the wedding altogether. Before the ceremony, they did call her to check whether she had come to her senses.

However, his mom did not pick up the phone. Ben said his sister was not shocked when he told her their mother could not attend the wedding ceremony. His sister even liked the news.

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But Ben said his mom was furious with him, his sister, and his better half. She told them that she did not deserve to miss the wedding and that they should have told her earlier not to wear white.

This family drama is not new on Reddit. In another controversial post, a woman sparked a debate after sharing she would not like to see her sister at her wedding. 


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