Pennsylvania Couple with 5 Children Found Out They Were Expecting Quadruplets

Joe Akins
Oct 05, 2020
03:00 P.M.
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A Pennsylvania couple who always wanted to have many children got their wish but at the strangest timing and the strangest number.


Maxine Young and her husband, Jake, revealed that they always wanted to have the "big family experience" with lots of kids in the family.

However, they were not prepared for what the future held in store for them, especially not nine kids within three years. The Youngs adopted four children, Aiden, 8: Parker, 5; Connor, 4; and Elliott, 3. The couple then welcomed their own biological child, Henry, who is 23 months old. 

A picture of quadruplet babies. | Photo: Flickr


No words could describe their shock when they discovered that Maxine was pregnant again, but this time, with four babies. Weeks after she gave birth to the quadruplets, Maxine shared a photo with them on Instagram and wrote:

"My heart is full.????#quads #quadruplets."

Maxine gave birth to her quadruplets on July 31st after just 32 weeks of being pregnant with them. The four newborns remained in the NICU in stable condition for closer observation.


The miracle babies were unexpected, and the idea of parenting all nine children seemed absolutely overwhelming, yet the Youngs took it in great stride.

Jake's mother, ArLette, reportedly opened a GoFundMe to assist her son and his wife by raising money to help the growing family.

In an interview, Maxine admitted that she knew that she always wanted to foster and adopt right from when she was little. She did her research and learned about foster care and the staggering amount of kids that needed homes.


When she met Jake, she told him about her passion to foster and adopt. Together they took foster care classes and got approved in 2017.

At first, the plan was to take two children, but they were approached about fostering three kids. On a whim, Maxine decided to take all three kids as a placement.  


Months later, they decided to adopt the kids after their biological parents stopped showing up for scheduled visits. Jake's mother, ArLette, reportedly opened a GoFundMe to assist her son and his wife by raising money to help the growing family. 

Detailing their journey, she revealed that the couple had suffered many miscarriages, chemical pregnancies, IVF, and an IUI before they could conceive their son.

The quadruplets were a miracle, and as the parents prepared to return home with them and start their family of 11, they continue to be grateful for their unlikely and incredible blessing.

In Parker, Colorado, another incredible adoption story went viral when a woman, Katie Page, discovered that her two adopted children were actually siblings. 

Years after, she learned that the kids had a younger brother who needed a home, and she went on to adopt him as well. Some people, like the Youngs, have a big heart and appreciates the beauty of a big family.