October 04, 2020

Woman Calls Her Son's Teacher Dramatic over Her Objection to His Shirt

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A man wants to know if he was right to have called his son's teacher a drama queen because she wouldn't let him wear a shirt she considered offensive. 

According to the proud father, he received a call from his son's school saying his kid was asked to cover up his shirt and not wear it again. 

The man's son is a 10-year-old kid he described as a "sweetheart." At the boy's school, the principal stated that his teacher found his shirt offensive and had him sent to the office. 

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When the man asks the principal if he felt the same about the shirt, the principal avoided answering and instead told the man that the teacher taking offense is enough. 

The boy's shirt had the words "Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics," written on it. The man admitted that when he bought the shirt, he had found the printed words hilarious because it brought him a feeling of nostalgia. 

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The man said he was reminded of CD stickers from the 1990s when he was a kid whenever he saw the shirt. His son also happened to like the design, so he got it for him. 

The man explained all this to the principal, who laughed because he could also recall the stickers the man had mentioned. 

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The teacher mentioned the shirt in a follow-up mail, and the man replied by tagging her a "total drama queen." Ouch. She replied his mail, saying that his comment was uncalled for.

The teacher stated that the shirt was as offensive as a shirt with a death row record printed on it. She mentioned that someone might take a bigger offense in today's world, and she needed to look out for the entire school community. 

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The man found her reply funny since he thought the shirt was merely sarcastic and not offensive. The teacher sent his son home with a "classroom dress code memo," where she highlighted that clothes that support vulgarity are not allowed at school. 

In the comments section, users had mixed feelings about the subject. Some admitted that the teacher was probably overreacting, while others seemed to agree with the teacher's reasoning.  

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However, most users agreed on one thing; the man could have been more professional in his response to the teacher instead of calling her names. Here is another story about a man who allowed his wife spend a night in jail to teach her a lesson.