Missing Boy Found Wandering the Streets with Stray Dog as His 'Guard' Reunited with Dad

Comfort Omovre
Oct 08, 2020
03:45 A.M.
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An anonymous woman found a little boy, Kh’amorion Taylor wandering the streets with a stray dog guarding him and ensured she reunited him with his father. 


A little boy, Kh’amorion Taylor, found his way back to his father’s loving arms after being rescued by a neighbor and guarded by a large pit bull. 

The incident occurred in a neighborhood in St. Louis City at about 8 am near McLaran and N. Broadway. The neighbor who wished to remain anonymous said she was walking her dogs down the street when she spotted Taylor and the pitbull and ensured he got home safe.

Kh’amorion Taylor and his father after he was found. | Photo: YouTube/FOX 2 St. Louis


The neighbor began knocking on the doors on every house on the street. While some people did not answer the door, those who did said they did not know the little boy. 

The woman continued to search and walk for hours. Meanwhile, Taylor’s father saw a social media post about his son and quickly found a way to be reunited with him. 


It remains unknown how the little boy left his home without anyone noticing but the anonymous neighbor said there was no chance of her turning a blind eye when she saw Taylor all on his own. 

After Taylor and his father reunited and left, the woman emphasized the need for people to go back to having a close, caring, community support. 

Buddy protected the boy, with neighbors saying the dog did not allow them near the toddler. 


The woman said it was important for people to stick together and help one another, going back to the things older generations did in their time by building a sense of unity. 

Meanwhile, Taylor bonded with the pit bull which guarded him along the way. The little boy continued calling the dog “puppy,” even while being reunited with his father. According to Fox2Now, the St. Louis Police might adopt the dog. 


Taylor’s story is similar to that of another little toddler who was found while being protected by a family dog in the woods in February in Suwannee County, Florida.

Authorities received calls from the toddler’s mom saying he wandered off while playing outside. She also reported their dog, “Buddy,” was missing.

After searching for the boy, officers found him and the family dog in the woods. Buddy protected the boy, with neighbors saying the dog did not allow them near the toddler. Officers finally reunited the boy and Buddy with their family. 


In October 2019, a six-year-old boy from Minnesota and his dog were found in a cornfield with the help of a drone with a thermal camera. The boy went missing after he ran to play with the family dog. 

After he did not return, a large search party went looking for him. With the drone’s help, Ethan and his dog, Remington, were found lying in a cornfield about a mile from his home.