Best Jokes about Playing Cards: Place Your Bets!

Rebelander Basilan
Oct 18, 2020
11:00 A.M.
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From a dog seemingly playing poker with humans to a heavenly voice coaxing a man to gamble in Vegas, to lawyers trying to outsmart each other, these three jokes about playing cards will give you your dose of laughter today.



One day, Ryan walked into a bar and noticed a poker game at the far table. Upon taking a closer look, he saw a dog sitting at the table. He then walked closer and saw cards and chips in front of the dog.

When the next hand was dealt, the cards were dealt with the dog. Then the dog acted in turn with all the other players, calling, raising, discarding, everything the other human players were doing.

A man drinking at the bar. | Photo: Pexels


But none of the other players seemed to pay any mind that they were playing with a dog. They just treated him like any other player. Finally, the man could no longer hold his tongue, so between hands, he quietly said to one of the players that he could not believe that the dog was playing poker.

Ryan added that he must be the smartest dog in the world. The player shrugged and replied that the dog was not that smart. The player revealed that every time the dog got a good hand, he wagged his tail.

A dog sitting in a wooden table. | Photo: Pexels



One beautiful morning, a man named Joe had gotten his coffee on the way to work when he suddenly heard a voice from the sky. He was told to take the freeway instead of his normal shortcut.

Luckily, Joe obeyed what the voice told him because when he arrived at his office, everybody was talking about a terrible accident that happened on his regular route to work.

Man walking along the sidewalk. | Photo: Pexels


Three days later, Joe heard the voice again. This time, the voice told him to go inside and watch TV. So he did, and through the window outside, he saw the huge oak tree fall and crush the grill where he was just standing.

Since then, Joe has decided to follow everything the voice says. When the voice told him to sell everything he owns and move to Vegas, he did not hesitate to do it.

People playing poker. | Photo: Pexels


Then, one night, the voice told him to pay $10,000 to enter the World Series of Poker Main Event, which he also did. Joe had dealt two red aces, and the voice commanded him to go all-in.

Joe shoved all-in, and five different players called. The flop was Jack of clubs, 10 of clubs, 9 of clubs… "Oh damn…" Joe heard the voice said.


One day, renowned lawyers Johnson, Henderson, and Phillips were sitting around the office playing poker. Johnson said that he won. Henderson then threw down his cards and accused Johnson that he was cheating.


Man holding playing cards. | Photo: Pexels

Confused, Phillips asked Henderson how could he tell that Johnson was cheating. To which Henderson replied: "Because those aren't the cards I dealt him!"

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Source: Starts At 60