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October 17, 2020

Demi Moore & Her Daughter Rumer Willis Stun in Elegant Dresses in a Gorgeous Black & White Snap

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The Oscar-winning actress shares three daughters with her ex-husband, fellow actor Bruce Willis: Rumer, Scout, and Tallula.

The beautiful and talented actress Demi Moore, 57, recently took to her Instagram to share with her followers an elegant photo of herself with her daughters. Rumer, the eldest of her three daughters, also shared another of the photos from that same session.

In the photo shared by Rumer, 32, she appears inside a convertible car wearing a beautiful, long and elegant white dress. Her hair is pulled back with a headband on the crown and makeup that accentuates her features and her lips.

Rumer Willis and Demi Moore attending the Tom Ford AW20 Show at Milk Studios Hollywood, California in February 2020. I Image: Getty Images.


In the background is her mother, Demi, who is on the road watching the vintage car drive away from her. She wears a dress similar to her daughter's while holding her arm out and thumb up. 

Rumer wrote with the photo: “Sorry Mama, I'm on my way to drop off my Ballot ?”. Rumer's publication accumulates more than 15 thousand likes, while in the image that Demi shared, the favorable comments are the majority.



Demi's famous friends gave her a lot of comments of support and praise for the image, including producer and writer I. Marlene King, fellow actress Jamie Lee Curtis and of course ex-husband Bruce Willis.

Curtis wrote that the image was fantastic for a record cover. King for her part commented that she would stop to pick up and take the three women wherever they want. Bruce commented on the post only with a thumbs up and smiley face emoji.



After years of prioritizing the needs of others during their marriages before hers, Demi learned that she must take care of herself and put herself first. The actress shared that she needs healing after having her wishes second for years.

She added that it is a process to learn to love herself and accept herself as she is. She has adapted and changed so many times to please those she loved the most. However, she thinks that in the process of honoring the love of people she must love and accept herself first.



Tallula Willis, 26, is the youngest of Demi and Bruce's daughters. The young woman is an artist, fashion designer, and advocate for mental health. She went through multiple problems due to her addiction to prohibited substances and alcohol.

After a terrible episode where she almost died, the young woman has recovered and contributes as a speaker by speaking about the importance of talking about the fight. Tallulah said: "It was very important to me to use my label, Wyllis, as a platform for the mental health conversation."



Demi and Bruce's three daughters are talented and beautiful women. All have participated as actresses since childhood, in some of their parents' productions. The oldest, Rummer, is one of those who have followed the steps of acting with the greatest dedication and firmness.

The second of the sisters is Scout, 28 who is also an artist. She is a singer and frequently shares photos and videos of her performances at various clubs in Los Angeles on Instagram. Tallula is de youngest who has made design her way of life as well as being an advocate for mental health and speaker.