BSB Member AJ McLean Recalls How His 3-Year-Old Daughter Motivated Him to Maintain Sobriety

Joe Akins
Oct 17, 2020
10:00 A.M.
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During a recent interview, AJ Mclean, a member of the famous Backstreet Boys, revealed that he finally got help for his addiction problems after an encounter with his daughter and revealed that he is currently ten months sober.


42-year-old Singer AJ Mclean has revealed that he has gone ten months without his usual addiction to chemical substances and alcohol. In a recent interview, Mclean revealed that this new feat did not come easy.

Like many addicts, Mclean had tried to break free from his addiction but found it difficult until a recent moment with his 3-year-old spurred him to take action. The singer revealed that he had battled his addiction to drugs and alcohol for 20 years.

Recording Artist A.J. McLean at the 2018 CMT Music Awards at Bridgestone Arena on June 6, 2018 | Photo: Getty Images


Mclean spent some time in rehab facilities in 2001, 2002, and 2011 for depression and alcoholism. He revealed that despite his addiction, he never let his daughters see him drunk. He also had an agreement with his wife that if he reeked of alcohol, he would stay far from his children. 

On the night that changed his life, Mclean revealed he had returned home after a spell with some bottles of alcohol, leaving him with an unmistakable smell. He was left feeling irritated after his youngest daughter, Lyric, told him that he did not smell like her father.


For Mclean, that was the last straw. The singer referred to that moment as his "ultimate awakening." Mclean was so desperate for a change that he made up his mind to get help and stay clean. Despite his addiction, Mclean prioritized being a good father to his kids.

Mclean has been having a good time on "Dancing With The Stars" and revealed that fellow contestant Carole Baskin freaks him out behind the scenes.


Unlike most artists who dive into drugs as soon as fame comes calling, Mclean was a late bloomer in doing drugs. The singer said that it was not until he turned 25 that he had his first taste of a "true drink."

Speaking of what led him to drugs, he revealed that he resorted to drugs following a personal struggle with low self-esteem and the desire to get validation from external sources. At that point, Mclean felt like he did not have anything to live for.


It has been ten months of staying clean, and the vocalist said that his mind has never felt as clear as it does now. Mclean is having the best time of his life alongside his partner Cheryl Burke on "Dancing with the Stars".

The singer also said that he owes his family all the happiness he now enjoys. Mclean acknowledged that the quarantine has helped him spend more time with his wife and daughters and focus on his self-development. 


In a recent post, Mclean stated that the reason why Backstreet Boys have stayed together for almost 26 years is due to their decision to remain honest with each other and their fans.

The singer revealed that the group members try to help each other through difficult periods of their lives. Mclean has been having a good time on "Dancing With The Stars" and revealed that fellow contestant Carole Baskin freaks him out behind the scenes.


For Mclean, his daughters are the sole motivation behind his solid performances on the show. The singer spoke about his childhood and revealed that he did not attend his prom and had some regrets about things he failed to do in his formative years because he was traveling the world.

Mclean and Burke have been a formidable team in the season 29 of "Dancing With The Stars" with their incredible dance routines. Fans of the singer are glad to see his dancing skills match his vocal prowess.