Woman Refuses to Let Her Mom See Her Granddaughters

Lois Oladejo
Oct 21, 2020
06:30 A.M.

A woman wants to know if she was right to deny her mom the privilege of meeting her granddaughters because of how the woman treated her as she got older.


According to the woman, her mom started to treat her differently when she started going through puberty. The woman seems to think her mom is jealous of her and for good reasons.

The woman said her mom would often do unusual things whenever she introduced her to male friends and potential boyfriends.

A woman standing next to a window while being deep in a thought. | Photo: Pexels

A woman standing next to a window while being deep in a thought. | Photo: Pexels


Among some of the odd things her mother did was flirting with her male friends and or boyfriends, telling them she would make a terrible wife, and creating stories, some of which painted her as a promiscuous harlot.

Her mother would also poke fun at her weight or how she looked in their presence, just for the fun of it. This behavior continued as she grew older, and when the grieved woman finally found her Mr. Right, she was terrified of introducing him to her mother for fear of what she would do.


When it was finally time for her and her Mr. Right to tie the knot, her mother graced the ceremony with her presence, wearing a dress similar to her bridal gown.

That was not all; her mother outrightly told her husband-to-be at the wedding that he was making a huge mistake and that there were much better girls out there for him to choose from.


The mother even went as far as indulging in too much drink and went ahead to embarrass her at her own wedding ceremony. Things took an even more unprecedented turn after the woman got pregnant. Her mother's behavior took a turn for the worst.

She would send messages to her daughter's husband, call him at odd hours of the night, and would even turn up at their house while they were absent at work to rearrange her granddaughter's nursery and cook a lot of food.


When the woman finally confronted her about it, she tagged her as ungrateful, stating that she was only checking up on her. When the woman refused to name one of the twin girls she was expecting after her, the mother got more upset and made it seem like her daughter owed her that much.

She threatened to call the CPS because of the row they had about the name, but the woman wouldn't budge. When the twins arrived, the woman decided that they would not be meeting their grandmother.

Her relatives think it is wrong for her to take that step and that she is just rude and unrealistic; however, the woman gets anxious at the thought of her kids spending time with her mother.


Users advised the woman to stop all communication with her mother, and some even went as far as asking her to get a temporary restraining order against her. In all, they thought she was right to deny her mother the chance to meet her kids.

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about a woman who refused to let her stepmother meet her child.

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