October 04, 2020

Woman Refuses to Let Stepmother Meet Her Child

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A 27-year-old woman recently shared her problem with her stepmother on a popular forum. She asked if it was wrong for her to prevent her stepmother from meeting her child.

Carla (not her real name) explained in her Reddit post that her parents divorced when she was 11 years old after her father, Rey (not his real name), cheated on her mother.

Her father then tied the knot with the woman, whom he cheated with. After the wedding, Rey forced her and her sister to live with him and his new wife Anne (not her real name) on weekends.

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That did not happen, however, Carla shared. She added that she resented her stepmother, who likewise hated her. Carla said that her years with them consisted of manipulation and mean-spirited comments and actions.

Carla's relationship with her father was ruined entirely. It even got to the point that she refused to see or talk to him for about a year. However, as she matured, Carla said she tried many times to reconcile with her stepmom for the sake of her father.

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"It would always end months later in some big blowup," Carla wrote, "the last straw being at my wedding when she went around to my family and explained how awful I was."

Carla added that Anne showed up at her house the next day to tell her she was a horrible person. From then on, Carla realized that there was no chance she would get along with her stepmom.

She described her stepmother as a "toxic person."

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"When I found out I was pregnant, I made the decision she would never meet my son, and my dad was upset, but I stood my ground," Carla wrote. She described her stepmother as a "toxic person."

Now her son is 15 months old. Carla said her father had seen him about 5-6 times his entire life, although he only lives ten minutes away from their house.

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Carla said she would welcome her father if he comes to visit her son but he preferred that she brings the child to his house. Much as she wanted her son to have a good relationship with her father, she did not want her son around Anne at all.

In another post on Reddit, a woman who is seven months pregnant, had friction with her mother when she told her that she only wanted her partner in the delivery room and no one else.

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She explained that she settled on the choice since she was not open to being completely naked in front of her mom. According to her, she and her mother did not have the sort of relationship where they embrace or kiss. 

So after this, her mother appeared to be somewhat vexed. This is not her first grandkid. She has three others from her daughter's older brothers, yet she's her lone daughter, so her mother considered her childbirth special.