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People: Rebel Wilson, 40, & Her New Love Jacob Busch, 29, Have Great Chemistry

Busayo Ogunjimi
Oct 21, 2020
05:00 P.M.
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In a chat with People Magazine, a source close to the famous actress Rebel Wilson and her boyfriend, Jacob Busch, revealed that they have strong chemistry.


Love is a beautiful feeling that cannot be hidden, which is why it comes as no surprise that those close to Rebel Wilson and her boyfriend, Jacob Busch, can pick up on the chemistry between them.

In a chat with People Magazine, a source close to the couple revealed just how much chemistry they have between them and how they enjoy spending time together while falling deeper in love.

Rebel Wilson at the Australian Open in January 2020. | Photo: Getty Images


It was revealed that Wilson had never looked happier and that Busch always found a way to pamper her as best as he can. The source further explained that Busch enjoys taking care of Wilson, and he was the one who surprised her with a recent trip they both took to Las Ventanas in Cabo. According to the source:

"They have amazing chemistry and seem to enjoy the same things. You can tell that they are having fun and love spending time together."


Wilson and Busch, who recently took a trip to Mexico, caught the eye of fans as Wilson shared pictures of herself and Busch enjoying a dinner date and watching "Jurassic Park" under the star-filled skies in Cabo San Lucas.

The pair, who have been linked since 2019, did not confirm their relationship status until September 2020. They made their red carpet debut when they attended the Monte-Carlo Gala for Planetary Health and met Prince Albert.

Her beau is also big on health and wellness and has been encouraging her by working out with her.


Interestingly, another source close to the couple mentioned that Busch is the first guy Wilson would feel comfortable around as he matches both her humor and personality. The source further revealed that:

"He's a gentleman, has very old school manners, and treats her well."


This year has been a great one for Wilson, who began her "year of health" with the goal of weighing 75kg at the end of the year. Interestingly, her beau is also big on health and wellness and has been encouraging her by working out with her.

The pair has taken to working out together, and Wilson revealed that they indeed did a lot of exercises together. She has also noted that she is 3kg away from achieving her set weight, and she is excited at the progress she has made so far.

From having the same entrepreneurial mindset to enjoying the same sense of humor and even working out together, Wilson and Busch seem to be in a bubble of their own, and it is fun to watch, according to those close to them.