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Watch a Man Get Flipped into the Air While Playing Bubble Soccer in a Funny Video

Stephen Thompson
Oct 26, 2020
10:30 A.M.
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Hilarious TikTok video of two bubble soccer players colliding dramatically into each other goes viral on social media with millions of views and likes.


Bubble soccer might very well be one of the most hilarious ways to watch and play football. Recently, a Tiktok video went viral for an epic moment during a bubble soccer event. The original owner of the clip shared it and wrote:


Bubble Football in Helsinki, Finland on 7 August 2016 | Photo by Ninaras CC BY 4.0, Wikimedia commons


The video began with one person in a pink and white bubble rushing towards another person in a blue and white bubble. Playing over the video was the perfectly-fitting hit song, "Wrecking Ball" by singer Miley Cyrus. At the peak of the song's chorus, the two bubble soccer players crashed right into each other. 


Hilariously, the player in the blue and white bubble was clearly not ready and was booted right off the ground and sent flying across the field.

The hilarious sight of the person flying right in the air was more than enough to have it go viral. The video garnered over 60 million views with almost seven million likes and over a hundred thousand comments. 

At first, getting bubble soccer to properly take off in the US was not easy because finding available and premium quality materials to create the equipment was difficult.


Although bubble soccer is absolutely fun and entertaining to watch, the somewhat unorthodox sport had a bumpy ride on its journey to popularity.

Created by two Norwegian men, Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden, in 2011, the whole thing originated as a joke. Over the years, it has become popular in many parts of the world despite the initial hesitations. 


Neither Elvestad nor Gohan expected the game to take off so much but after it was brought to the UK by Lee Moseley who went ahead to finance the sport there, it began to pick up.

In 2014, bubble soccer reached the US and New Zealand after a video of a bubble ball game in Italy went viral. Interestingly, this quirky way of playing soccer has begun to prove somewhat useful with the circumstances that have come with the pandemic. 

Rock band The Flaming Lips have been reported to be considering live shows with their fans attending in giant bubbles for the purpose of keeping in line with the social distancing guidelines. There really is just something about jumping around in bubbles that makes it totally irresistible.