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Here's How DWTS Ex-host Tom Bergeron Responded When Asked about Tyra Banks Replacing Him

Busayo Ogunjimi
Oct 27, 2020
07:00 A.M.
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American television personality and former "Dancing with the Stars" host Tom Bergeron shared his thoughts on Tyra Banks replacing him on the show, in a recent interview. 


In a recent exclusive interview, American television personality, Tom Bergeron, shared his opinion on model Tyra Banks taking his place as host of the show, "Dancing With the Stars." 

American radio personality John Melendez hosted the interview for his famed YouTube podcast, "Stuttering John." For Saturday's talk, Bergeron had been the guest appearance. 

Tom Bergeron on the set of "To Tell The Truth," on November 13, 2016 | Photo: Getty Images


In the middle of the two-hour conversation, Melendez casually asked him why Tyra Banks replaced him as the host and inquired how he felt about the development. 

Bergeron replied that he could not speak about the mindset of the show's producers. He explained that his bottom line was that he had a wonderful career, and he still has friends who were on the show, so out of respect for them, that was all he was going to say. 


When asked if the ratings were better after Banks joined the show, he replied in the affirmative and explained that he expected that to happen due to the viewer's curiosity about a new host. 

The star then commented that since the singing talent show "The Voice" was now shown on NBC, there would be little competition for viewers. He also added that he kept an open mind about future hosting jobs because "never say never."

The model then admitted that change was hard, complicated, and painful sometimes.


In September, the "Dancing With the Stars" producer Andrew Llinares opened up about the decision to swap the show' hosts. He revealed that it was all about evolution, explaining that "shows like this that have been on for many seasons need to continue to evolve." 

He further declared that it was about making the show fresh and new again and to make it reach out to a new audience as well as the viewers that had been there for years. 


Llinares also added that it was all about making it feel relevant and still holding on to the heart of the show. He then opined that it was possible to make significant changes as long as the format was true. 

It is safe to say that their decision to break from the norm has yielded positive results since this season of the show has attracted the highest number of viewers in three years. 


Banks has, however, received criticism from the fans of Bergerson. In a recent interview, she revealed that she did not pay any heed to the negativity. She explained that it did not do her any good to participate in it as it certainly would not yield positive results. 

The model then admitted that change was hard, complicated, and painful sometimes, so she respected their challenge with it. She added that she also respected the multiple people that were watching the show despite the changes.