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Woman Throws Her Mom's Explosive Family Secret in Her Face

Odette Odendaal
Nov 01, 2020
06:00 P.M.
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A story so "Hamlet" surfaced on an online forum that it's gone viral. Family relationships can be complicated, but secrets are destructive, as a netizen discovered through the maternal bond.


Apart from the sympathy that flooded in, readers of the poster's plight found their thoughts jump to Shakespeare, more specifically "Hamlet," because of the type of family drama.

Family secrets kept for decades, the suppression of one child, and the protection of another are all situations that contributed to it being blurted out now in a moment of anger.

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The story's poster was 7 years old when a workplace accident caused the child to grow up without a father, but that is just one aspect of a family secret that came out during a fight. Elaborating, the poster wrote:

"It strained my relationship with my mom significantly. While my dad was still alive she was having an affair with my uncle."

Frontpage of the play "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare. | Source: Wikimedia Commons.



In addition to the affair, the mom was pregnant with the uncle's child before the poster's father even died. The mom expected the affair to remain hidden from the rest of the family, but after the dad's funeral, they found out anyway.

Ostracized from the rest of the family, the mom and uncle, married before the birth of their daughter and later had a son, and the poster found it incredibly difficult growing up under those circumstances.

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But now, two decades later, things came to a head when the sister wanted to know the cause of the poster's strained relationship with her parents. The situation caused a volcano of emotion to erupt when the mother made it clear she didn't want her daughter to know what happened back then.

At the time, the mother also told the poster to lie about the uncle's real role in their lives to cash in from the in-laws. Now, the poster feels no obligation to lie anymore.

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An adult replaced the once 7-year-old child, an adult that wants to leave the whole situation in the rearview. Planning to relocate in a few months, the poster added:

"I'll be getting the hell out of this house and they will never see me again. My mom and uncle are cut off from the second I leave and I will be free."


Would you tell the sister what happened all those years ago? Secrets always come out, or they resurface, as with the poster but also Paris Hilton, who kept a traumatic event she experienced during her childhood a secret for many years.

In August, ahead of the release of her documentary called "This Is Paris," the reality star opened up in a trailer that she's never shared the traumatic experience with anyone.