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Story of the Day: Teen Refuses to Give His Food to His Aunt

Busayo Ogunjimi
Nov 03, 2020
03:00 P.M.
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Teenage Reddit user is confused about whether he was wrong after his mom chastised him angrily for refusing to share his food with his aunt after she requested.


A 17-year-old Reddit user felt bad after an incident with his aunt over food. He wrote that he is a really great cook who enjoys cooking a lot. In fact, the teenager already wrote a cookbook and wishes to become a professional chef when he grows up.

Everybody in his family knew that about him, and many times, the teenager was given the responsibility of cooking meals for family gatherings with help from his sister.

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Besides his love for cooking, the teenager's family members are also aware that he does not like to share his food. Once he put food on his plate, he hated to have anyone else eat from his plate.

To prevent that from happening, he always made enough food to fill himself, and in case anyone else was present and interested, he would make extra. The 17-year-old simply enjoyed having his full plate serving without anyone else cutting into it.

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Nobody usually asked him to share his food with them. One day, his mom and aunt went out for dinner, leaving him alone at home. The teenager made some crockpot spaghetti and meatballs and sat down to eat in front of the television. While he was eating, his mom and aunt came back home.

As he continued eating, his aunt saw him eating his spaghetti and praised his cooking, telling him how mouth-watering his food looked. The 17-year-old thanked her and continued eating.

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Relentless, the teenager's aunt continued to watch him intently as he ate, which made him uncomfortable. When his mom saw his aunt eyeing his plate, she asked him if he could give some spaghetti to his aunt.

The 17-year-old told them that there was none left. His aunt did not skip a beat and said that it was alright since he could give her half of his. The teenager was taken aback and looked to his mom for assistance. Instead, his mom nodded, urging him to share his food with his aunt.

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The boy calmly challenged his aunt, pointing out that she and his mom had only just had dinner. She said she could not resist his food as she returned from the kitchen to get a plate and fork for herself.

The teenager got up and told them that he was going to his room to finish his dinner. Shortly after, his aunt left, and his mom was angry at him for disrespecting her. After listening to what his mom had to say, the teenager was confused and wondered if he was wrong.

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