August 29, 2020

Man Tells His Girlfriend's Mom That If She Were His Age, He Wouldn't Date Her

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A man took to Reddit to share his encounter with his girlfriend's mom. He asked if it was appropriate to tell her that he wouldn't date her if she were younger.

Reddit is a platform for people to share their stories, ask questions, and get responses from other users known as Redditors.  Most times, the comment section is a divided camp with bits of advice. Other times most of the comments agree to the same thing.

This post is about two lovebirds, a man, and a woman, who decided to visit the girl's parents. After the visit, the man wrote that he might have stirred bad blood between himself and the older couple following his utterances.


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According to him, when they arrived at the house, the first things he noticed were the mom's criticism and sarcasm. She talked about her child's posture then her frame. He said: "My girlfriend's mom criticized her for everything."


While all of this was going on, the man explained that his girlfriend's father was mute and kept himself busy with a newspaper in hand. When he opted to greet the dad, he gave a "blank stare" and did not return the acknowledgment.

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Even when it was time to sit at the table, the dad alienated himself and kept reading his paper. This left the boyfriend alone with his wife.

While eating, the host kept on whining about her daughter, and rather than praise her child in front of a potential son-in-law, she kept on putting her down.

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First, the mom attacked her daughter's ego. She quipped: "How did you meet my daughter? You look like a handsome guy...why my daughter?"

As if that was not enough, after setting down some food on the table, the mom explained that her daughter never learned to make dishes that good even while she was under her roof. Then she went: "If you were my boyfriend, I would be making food like this for you every day."

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This was when the man replied that he would never date someone like his possible future mother-in-law if she were younger. At this juncture, all hell was let loose.

Both parents felt offended and the dad asked him to leave. The family has continued to blame their daughter for inviting him to their home.

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Minutes after other Redditors read the story, nearly all of them swayed to the man's side. They explained that the mom was not cautious with her utterances and that his words were not out of line.

Some admitted that the mom did not behave maturely and commended him for standing up for his lover. 

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