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Billy Ocean Turned 72 Recently - Meet His Wife Judy Who He Has Been Married to for 43 Years

Bettina Dizon
Jan 25, 2022
05:31 P.M.

Billy Ocean built his name in the music industry as a singer and songwriter. Behind his success is his wife Judy Bayne, who he has been married to for 42 wonderful years. Although she was supportive of Ocean’s music, there came a time when she needed help raising their kids.


They say that behind every successful man is a strong woman. For Billy Ocean, that woman is his wife, Judy Bayne. Together, the couple has gone through ups and downs, including losing their son and the struggle of raising children.

According to the artist, Bayne is the greatest love of his life, whom he met at 15. Here’s a glimpse into their life and Ocean’s career.

Billy Ocean sings on stage during a live performance. | Source: Getty Images

Billy Ocean sings on stage during a live performance. | Source: Getty Images


Born as Leslie Sebastian Charles on January 21, 1950, Billy Ocean lived in Trinidad until ten. He came from a simple family in a place that did not have much to offer. So his family decided to move to Romford, London, searching for greener pastures.


His parents, both singers, inspired Ocean to follow a career in the music industry. “My father was a calypso singer,” he said. “In that environment, where you didn’t have much entertainment, we made our own. A lot of it came from going to church – my father was a Baptist.”

They lived on the border of a cocoa plantation where the everyday view was vast land, so seeing buildings and cars was something they were not accustomed to. While Ocean’s parents worked, his eldest sister looked after the kids.

Billy Ocean performing  at the State Theatre in Sydney, Australia, on January 25, 2012. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Billy Ocean performing at the State Theatre in Sydney, Australia, on January 25, 2012. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons.


Ocean loved music from a young age. He would sing with his mom while doing chores, which eventually led him to the stage. In the ‘70s, the “There’ll Be Sad Songs” singer changed his moniker, choosing a stage name that paid tribute to his area of residence, Ocean Estate.


During the peak of his career, Ocean decided to put his family first and take a bear to raise his kids.

He was propelled into fame when he signed with GTO Records and released his second single, “Love Really Hurts Without You,” immediately topping the charts. Over the years, Ocean’s songs became known worldwide and made him a successful man.



Ocean’s first album, “Billy Ocean,” debuted in 1976, and in 1984, his song “Caribbean Queen” reached number 6 in the UK charts and number 1 in the US Billboard chart.

Meanwhile, his number 1 smash, “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going,” was used as the theme song in the film “The Jewel of the Nile.”

Ocean’s other known songs include “Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car,” “There’ll Be Sad Songs,” and “Love Really Hurts Without You,” among many others.



Although he had an impressive career, Ocean takes the most pride in being a husband and loving father. In 1978, he tied the knot with Bayne, whom he had known since he was 15. Their friendship turned into a romantic relationship after school and has blossomed into everlasting love.

Soon after, they welcomed three children, Anthony, Rachel, and Cherie, who they raised the best way they could. In a previous interview, Ocean revealed that his greatest fear was “my kids not having enough to eat or be homeless.”

The singer also opened up about how he and his wife once lost a baby boy. He admitted that he sometimes thought about the boy, but perhaps he returned since they had another. Though it was sad, he added that nothing happened without reason.



During the peak of his career, Ocean decided to put his family first and take a bear to raise his kids. Although his wife tried to care for them, she couldn’t do it herself. He shared:

“I’d been more successful than I ever imagined, and I remember sitting in a hotel in America and thinking, ‘What am I doing here?’ So, I took a break, maybe for longer than I thought.”

Working hand in hand, Ocean and Bayne became a great tandem in parenthood. According to the star, Bayne is the one who disciplines the kids while he “pours ashes on the fire.” He added, “I’m from the Caribbean. It’s in me to be relatively strict. But I’m a lot softer than my parents’ generation.”



Rooted in Rastafarian culture, much of Ocean’s family life is based on the Rasta doctrine despite being a man in the entertainment industry. Although he was far from perfect, he did not undermine the importance of building family values and keeping them strong.

He knew that his family was his responsibility, and sacrifices needed to be made. Fortunately, he has an amazing wife to thank for helping him raise their family.

Previously, Ocean opened up about his deep fear of his marriage falling apart. He admitted that he would be terrified if his marriage broke, but he added that marriage was something one must work on every day. He further divulged that the secret to a long relationship is patience.



Ocean’s Rastafarian roots have beliefs that are not the same as what the majority think. One belief that Rastafarians uphold is wearing their hair to express their identity. Recently, a Rastafarian teen made headlines after a female cop cut her long locks while unjustly detained.

“The Rastafari community wears their hair in that way as an expression of themselves, their identity, and their faith and religion,” Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry said.

The victim, Nzinga King, shared her experience in a viral video and revealed that the officer cut her hair by force. King’s parents have since demanded answers as to why their daughter’s hair was cut.

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