Amy Roloff Drinks Coffee on the Porch with Her Dad in a Cozy Family Photo

Afouda Bamidele
Nov 09, 2020
05:40 A.M.
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"Little People, Big World" star Amy Roloff advertised her store's camping mug with a picture of herself enjoying a cup of coffee out on the porch with her father, Gaston Knight.


Amy Roloff is best known as the star of TLC's show "Little People, Big World" and its various spinoffs. Despite living with dwarfism, the 56-year-old has been made a name for herself in the entertainment industry and recently shared a precious family picture with fans on Instagram.

The picture captured the reality TV star posing with her father while holding a cup of coffee. The pair were dressed casually with Amy in a pink and grey top while Gaston wore a navy-blue jacket with the zipper pulled down.

TV personality Amy Roloff at Hollywood Today Live at W Hollywood on December 13, 2016 | Photo: Getty Images


Roloff described the advantages of the mug and implored fans to check out the various styles found in the kitchen section of her 'ARLK' store. They shared an identical smile for the camera and the post was captioned with the words:

"The enamel camping mugs are one of my favorite new things in my store. They're perfect for having a cup of coffee out on the porch with someone (Hi Dad!)"


The premiere of the TLC show's latest season in September captured the 56-year-old moving out of the farm she spent 30 years on with her ex-husband Matt Roloff.

Earlier in October, Zach disclosed to sources that his mother's wedding to Marek was on hold due to the coronavirus.


The former couple divorced in 2016 and four years later they still had unresolved tension over their shared ownership of the farm. Even though they have both moved on since their split - Matt with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler and Amy with her fiancé Chris Marek.

During the season finale of "Little People, Big World" in October, the former couple's son Zach made plans to buy the farm from his parents for his wife and children.


The father-of-two confessed that he was nervous about his plans since he couldn't figure out what his mother's reaction would be. The 30-year-old wished to raise his children on the property as he and his three siblings were raised there.

Earlier in October, Zach disclosed to sources that his mother's wedding to Marek was on hold due to the coronavirus. He revealed that the lovebirds wished to get married in the summer but "no venues" were available.

Marek proposed to Amy in 2019. The couple is open to receiving Matt and his girlfriend at their wedding ceremony, despite their previously sour relationship. According to Zach, his parents' relationship has improved ever since his mother moved out of the farm.