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Rodger Corser & Christine Anu Celebrate Their Daughter Zipporah's Major Milestone

Edduin Carvajal
Nov 05, 2020
12:20 P.M.
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Australian actor Rodger Corser and pop-singer Christine Anu took to social media to congratulate their daughter Zipporah for reaching a significant milestone.


On November 2, the “Doctor Doctor” actor took a trip down memory line after sharing a photo of Zipporah when she was about five or six years old. The child was smiling at the camera while wearing what appeared to be her primary school uniform.

Rodger’s intention with his Instagram story was to praise “this little lady” for completing her last HSC Exam. This milestone becomes even more significant if we take into consideration this year’s global pandemic.

Christine Anu and actor Rodger Corser at an after party, on September 10, 2003 | Photo: Getty Images



The actor kept posting photos of Zipporah, including one showing her in her teenage years with braces on her teeth and a more recent one in which his 18-year-old daughter appeared rocking her curly hair.

Apart from that, Rodger reflected on the fact that his child grew up fast. Christine, on the other hand, shared a post on her Instagram feed commemorating Zipporah’s accomplishment, as well.


The photo showed the mother-and-daughter duo posing in similar hoodies with a delicious-looking cake in front of them and a colorful flower and candy bouquet.

[Christine’s] first son, Kuiam, gave her the strength to walk away from her abusive partner.


In the caption, Christine remarked that her daughter finished her final HSC exam and added that she hoped Zipporah enjoyed her “little surprise.” The pop singer also wrote:

“I am so proud of you completing this big step in your journey and the way you have yearned for learning in culture hand in hand with your schooling.”

Photo of Zipporah in primary school shared by Rodger Corser on November 2, 2020 | Photo: Instagram/rodgercorser



Now that Zipporah has successfully completed her HSC, she is very likely to pursue a music career. In fact, Rodger had previously said that his daughter was studying at a performing arts school and sings like Christine.

Speaking of Rodger Corser, he once opened up on how he became Australia’s leading man, and it all was thanks to what he called a “sliding-doors moment.”


In the late-90s, he was working at a casino in Melbourne but was also involved in the music industry by being part of some bands. Eventually, he auditioned for the musical “Rent” and got the role.

Thinking back, Rodger believes that he was very lucky for landing the part, adding that if it wasn’t for that musical, he could have been “in another industry.” It was also in “Rent” that he met Christine Anu, the star of the show.

As per Christine, she made headlines in 2015 after revealing that her first son, Kuiam, gave her the strength to walk away from her abusive partner as she didn’t want him to grow up in an unhealthy environment.

Christine also credited her daughter Zipporah for encouraging her to stop beating herself up about her weight.


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