November 16, 2020

Story of the Day: Man Sues His Sister over a Poster Her Son Destroyed

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Today’s #storyoftheday is about a frustrated man who sued his sister after her son destroyed a sentimental poster and didn’t even feel remorseful about it.

A furious man has taken to Reddit to narrate the story of why he sued his sister. He wrote that his sister and her kids came over to his place some weeks ago. In his office, he has a vintage Marvel poster, signed by the late Stan Lee and other artists of the poster.

The poster, which is over 30 years, is so important to him, so when his nephew saw it and wanted to have it, he turned him down. According to the poster, he tried to be diplomatic and let the boy know that it wouldn’t be possible.


A photo of a frustrated man with his hand on his head. | Photo: Pexels.

He also mentioned that his office door usually locks behind him, so he always requires a key to open it. The next day after their visit, the poster recalled that they were about to head out to the park when he realized he couldn’t find his keys.


He and his sister began looking for it around the house when they heard his niece yell, “oh no!” They both ran to where the sound came from and found out that his nephew had opened his office and climbed on his desk to get the poster.


It was already torn in half. The poster was of much value to the poster as he got it signed with his late grandfather. He got furious about the destruction, but his sister made a joke about it. She thought it was cute as her daughter kept saying, “oh no.”

To make things worse, his sister didn’t bother saying sorry or correcting her son. She defended his actions, saying the poster should have had his key to avoid such an occurrence. 


His father and wife support his anger towards the situation. His dad understood that the poster was gotten a few days before his grandfather died, and it was the last thing they did together.

However, his mother and sister think he is overreacting as it was a mistake. His sister has since stopped returning his texts and calls whenever he talks about compensation.


The poster recalled that when he moved into his house, the sign was appraised for $3,000 because of its rarity and neat condition. When Stan Lee died, it became higher, but he didn’t appraise it. He went on eBay and found out that a sign like the one he has goes for about $2,000 as it is not signed.

Angered by the occurrence, the poster decided to serve his sister, but his mother kept telling him he was overreacting and showing him other similar posters on eBay, which looked nothing like this.

Now, his sister is complaining to their mother, calling him wicked as she believes he should let things go because kids will be kids. What do you think of this story? Is the poster wicked? If you enjoyed this and want to read a similar dramatic story, click here.